Bead Swap and Earring Lesson

Bead Fest

Bead Swap

Last Tuesday I wrote about my last minute trip to the Philadelphia Bead Fest and I shared the wonderful stash of beads I brought home with me.

A group of bead and component artists and jewelry designers had planned this trip together.  We all stayed at the same motel and had planned several activities together.   At 4:00 p.m. Saturday, we all gathered in the snack bar area, in the back of the convention hall.  Diana Ptaszynski of Suburban Girl Studio had organized an art bead swap for us.

Diana organizing us for the Bead Swap.

Diana organizing us for the Bead Swap.
l-r Melinda Orr, Staci Smith, Linda Hanes, Jan Onipenco, Diana Ptaszynski

My bead  swap partner was Erin Siegel.  I was delighted.  I’d just met Erin for the first time that morning.  We’d eaten breakfast together while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive at the motel.

Erin Seigel

Erin holding the package of beads I gave her.

Linda Landig with Bead Swap package.

Me holding the package of beads I received from Erin.

Here’s Erin opening the package I gave her; taking out a copper component from my friend Kristi Bowman.  All in all, I included 4 art beads from Washington State artists.  To see all the beads I gave Erin, visit her post about Bead Fest.

Erin opening the box of beads

Erin opening the box of beads and taking out a copper pendant by Kristi Bowman.

I got these great lampwork glass spacers from Erin.  I love orange and was so excited to receive these.    After the bead swap, Diana threw all the names back into the bag and drew out names for door prizes.  I won the awesome polymer clay heart pendant you see on the right below, (artisan made by Staci Smith).  Look – its orange!!!  I have a feeling the lampwork beads and the heart will be starring in a necklace together soon!

Bead Fest

Lampwork beads from Erin, polymer clay heart from Staci

Bohemian Knotted Earrings

Erin Siegel and Lorelei Eurto have written a book together called Bohemian Inspired Jewelry.   Erin is going to teach 3 of the earrings from the book in a class at the August Bead Fest, (for more info on the class click here).  Erin wanted to give the class a practice run, so she taught our group 2 of the 3 earrings.  Using waxed linen thread in this way was a new technique for me and very fun!  I’ll be making more of these earrings, for sure!

Erin with an advance copy of her book

Erin with an advance copy of her book - I got a sneak peek! This is a must buy!

making earrings

Erin helping Diana and I with our earrings.

making earrings with Erin Seigel

Vanessa Gilkes having fun with the earrings.

my earrings part way done.

My waxed linen earrings part way done.

I’ll do one more post about Bead Fest later this week.  It will probably be mostly pictures of people who were formerly my online bead friends and who are now my “for real” friends!

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11 comments on “Bead Swap and Earring Lesson
  1. Linda!
    I enjoyed your blog this a.m. it looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! Hopefully some day we can be “for real friends” !! :)

  2. Looks like a ton of fun!! So glad you could fly out and enjoy it!!

  3. Mary Harding says:

    Wonderful vicarious trip to Beadfest for me. Your pics are super clear and wonderful eye candy. Thanks so much!

  4. You are really making me miss all you guys. Had so much fun, and Erin’s class was sooooo well done. What a wonderful technique.

  5. Jan Onipenco says:

    Thank you doing such a beautiful review of the event. . . I had a blast (till the migraine took over) at Beadfest!!! It was so nice to meet all the talent and inspiration that everyone contributed!!!!

  6. Erin Siegel says:

    Linda, great recap and FABULOUS photos! I enjoyed reading this immensely and reliving the weekend. I had the best time with you and all the girls, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I was so thrilled with how the class went, too. You were all the best students and I loved your enthusiasm for the earrings and the techniques!

  7. Diana P. says:

    I wish we could do it all over again!

  8. Linda Hanes says:

    Beautiful pictures! We all look so happy! Beads do that to a girl! :)

  9. Vanessa says:

    That is my sister, Laurie Campbell. Not Vanessa Gilkes…lol

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