New Jewelry On Etsy

I have decided to close my ArtFire shop.  It was a difficult decision, because I’m quite fond of ArtFire, but it was just too difficult for me to manage two shops.  I decided it would be better to do one shop well, than to do a mediocre job on two shops.  So I spent most of yesterday transferring my ArtFire jewelry over to Etsy.  It feels good to have everything consolidated in one place!

Linda Landig Jewelry on Etsy

Linda Landig Jewelry on Etsy

I hope you’ll stop by and check out all the new goodies.  I now have over 70 items in my shop, with new things being added all the time!

A few new ceramic components coming later this weekend, too!

June 18

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy


Polymer Clay Pendants

Shop Update May 22Take a peek into my shop on Thursday and you’ll find a new line of polymer clay components.  I’ll start adding items and providing Facebook links starting at 10:00 PDT, on Thursday, May 22nd.  You’ll find flowers, butterflies and ferns to enhance your jewelry designs.  See you there.  Linda Landig Jewelry

Thirty Word Thursday: Radiant Orchid

purple and white blooming orchid

Pantone decrees

Radiant Orchid

For the New Year.

And everyone obeys.

Wall paint.  Evening gowns.

Advertising.  And jewelry.

I laugh.

I’ve had Radiant Orchid

On my window sill

For years.


The premise of 30 Words Thursday is simple…

Choose an image and write 30 words about it. No more. No less.  30 Word Thursday is the brainchild of Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati.  To find links to other 30 Word Thursday posts,  head over to Erin’s blog.

Thirty Word Thursday: The Sea

Ocean Beach

A flaming sunset

Filled with wonder

Turns rolling waves pink and gold.

Salt spray, sand and wind

Fill my senses.

Cry of gulls calls me home and

renews my soul.


The premise of 30 Words Thursdays is simple…

Take an image.

Write 30 Words about it. No more. No less.

Post it each Thursday.

30 Word Thursday is the brainchild of Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati.  I’ve always enjoyed photography and writing.  At times I have even written poetry.  Condensing my thoughts, feelings and experiences to just 30 words creates a poem-like reflection.

I can’t commit to doing this weekly, but I will try to play along as often as possible.  If you head over to Erin’s blog, you’ll find links to other 30 Word Thursday posts.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

To all my valued readers:  Thank you so much for visiting my blog, commenting and being an important part of the community and support we share!

Merry Christmas! 

Happy Holidays!

Wreath 2

Thanksgiving Is Here

I picked my daughter up at the bus depot today and we stopped at our favorite Koren restaurant for lunch on the way home.  Tomorrow one of my brothers and his wife will be arriving and my dad will be joining us for Thanksgiving, as well.  My husband is a fabulous cook and he is taking care of the turkey, stuffing and a rice dish.  My daughter and I will make the pie and veggies, plus I made some cranberry bread the day before.

But right now there is kind of a quiet break in the hub-bub and I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for following me on my blog and over at Art Jewelry Elements, as well.  I am very thankful for every reader, for your comments and your thoughtfulness.  People from all over the world read this blog, but if you’re from the US, then I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving this weekend.  And no matter where you hale from, I hope you feel joy and gratitude for the goodness in life.


Although the sale in my 2 online shops starts on Thursday, I hope that most of my US readers will get to spend most of Thursday with family and/or friends.  I am offering 20% off in both of my shops.  This is the best sale of the year, so if you’ve been eying something special, now’s the time to nab it.  I have a large local show the first weekend in December, a certainly some of the jewelry in my shops will be headed to new homes that weekend.  But you can pick up gifts for yourself or others, now, while the shops are full and save 20% too!  Here are the links to my Etsy and ArtFire shops.  Just use the coupon code THANKS2013 at check out.

20% Off Sale - Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

20% Off Sale – Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday

Portugal and Germany: Some Contemporary Jewelry

Over on the Art Jewelry Elements blog, I wrote about some artisan jewelry that I saw during a recent trip to Germany and Portugal.  Whenever we passed a storefront with handmade jewelry, I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures; all the while praying that the shop owner wouldn’t come out, cursing me in German or Portuguese for photographing his/her original work. You’ll find pictures of lampwork pendants, beaded and metalsmithed jewelry there.  There will be more to come about my trip, both here, as well as on the Art Jewelry Elements blog – so stay tuned!

Lisbon: Artisan  Earrings

Lisbon: Artisan Earrings

Wonky Bead Blog Hop

My apologizes for arriving late to the blog hop.  The cord that recharges the battery on my laptop is broken and so until the new one arrives, I had to find another computer to use for my blog post. Hence the fact that I’m a day late.

I had a lot of fun working with Kristi Bowman’s polymer clay “Wonky Beads”.  I loved both the colors and the fun textures.  Here are the beads that I bought for the blog hop.

planning 3

I had some ideas in mind for what I wanted to do, but nevertheless, it took a couple of false starts.  This was my first layout.  I really liked it, but the pendant has a yellowish cast to it, that just didn’t work with Kristi’s beads.  Sadly, I had to set it aside.

planning necklace

Next off, I tried a ceramic butterfly that was a perfect color match.  I even knotted this onto the necklace and knotted some of the beads together, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

planning 2

  I stared at it for awhile and finally cut the butterfly off.   I decided that the Wonky Beads spoke for themselves and that the necklace looked too cluttered with the pendant.  When I restrung it, without the pendant I had that “just right” feeling that tells me that I’ve arrived at my happy design place!

Wonky Bead Necklace

Wonky Bead Necklace

The necklace is strung on a doubled strand of brown cotton cording and the upper portion features 2 strands of dark teal “peanut” beads, with a button closure.  When I found that button in my stash, I was thrilled!  Look how well it accents the polymer clay tube bead, above the small red disk!  The “Wonky Bead Necklace” is available in my Etsy shop.

You can find links to all the other Wonky Bead creations of Kristi Bowman’s blog!  Check out her shop, as well!