Shop Update and Giveaway!

Shop Update

There are new handmade (by yours truly) ceramic components in my Etsy shop now and I’ll be continuing to build up more inventory.  You can find my jewelry and my ceramic and polymer clay components here:  Linda Landig Jewelry.

Linda Landig Jewelry

Shop Update

Ceramic Component Giveaway!

In addition to this blog, I also write for the Art Jewelry Elements blog and  I am hosting a giveaway there.  Three lucky readers will be winning one of my new ceramic jewelry components, (pictured below). It could be you!  Check out the giveaway here:  Art Jewelry Elements

ceramic jewelry components giveaway

Art Jewelry Elements Giveaway

Snow and Wind

News Day Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday News Day; the day for jewelry updates and other relevant or possibly irrelevant news.

Beading By Flashlight

The weather couldn’t make up its mind yesterday.  Rain, sun, high winds and snow flurries.  At one point the electricity went out for about 3 hours.  I was in the midst of making a glasses leash for my cousin.  I flipped on the battery operated lantern and kept working away.  It was a bit of a challenge to bead in such a dim light.  Here’s how far I got before giving up in the dark.

Sage green and lavender glasses leash

Sage green and lavender glasses leash

I did get a couple of earrings completed the day before yesterday.  Both feature artisan ceramic components.

1 pair of leaf-shaped ceramic earrings and 1 pair of flower ceramic earrings

2 pairs of ceramic earrings

handmade turquoise and white earrings

Ceramic Flower Earrings

Winner of Genea Beads Giveaway

Genea Beads offered a a very tempting 30% discount over Thanksgiving weekend.  As an added incentive, the names of each person who purchased beads from Genea’s shop, were entered for bead giveaway. I bought 3 sets of scumptious, handmade lampwork beads.  This is one of the bead sets!  Each set is exquisite. 

-Handmade lampwork glass beads

Spiral Earth Stones-Black Lava Beads

Then, as if getting the beads at a discount wasn’t enough, I was the giveaway winner! Just look at all the beads I won! (You’re drooling on your keyboard–stop it!).

Turquoise & green lampwork beads

My winnings!
(Yes I was playing in Pic Monkey again!)

Wishing everyone a good weekend!  I love reading your comments!  Thanks for visiting my blog.

Snowflake Earrings and a Cold

News Day Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday News Day; the day for jewelry updates and other relevant or possibly irrelevant news.

New Snowflake Earrings

I’m in bed with a miserable head cold, so today’s post will be brief.  I’d just like to share these new earrings, made with lampwork glass by Beads and Botanicals and ceramic snowflake charms by Bo Hulley Beads.

“Let It Snow” Earrings

I love how the lampwork beads have so many soft colors in them.  The colors are not only beautiful, but they makes these earrings so versatile.  They will look great paired with blues, green, lilac and all neutrals.

“Let It Snow” Earrings

I came across a link to beautiful, macro photos of snowflakes that I wanted to share with you.  These really are amazing!


I’ve got a blog hop coming up soon and other bits of news, but I’m going to sign off here and just work on getting well for a day or two.  Take care.




Winter Snowflake Necklace


News Day Tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday News Day; the day for jewelry updates and other relevant or possibly irrelevant news.

Thank You!

First off I want to sincerely thank everyone who helped make this Thanksgiving weekend a success.  This includes shoppers, people who shared my promotions in their social media and the jewelry groups I belong to!  Thank you so much!

Coupon Code: AWHOLIDAY & Giveaway

The coupon code AWHOLIDAY is still valid in my Etsy shop and my ArtFire shop through the end of the month!  Soooo, if you missed out on the shopping frenzy this weekend, brew yourself a nice cup of tea and shop without frenzy, through November 30th.  Enter AWHOLIDAY in the coupon code box at checkout and receive 20% off your order.  Sweet, huh?

My earring giveaway runs through Nov. 30th also.  You can enter to win here.

Snow Day Necklace

Snow Day Necklace

Snow Day Necklace

I added the Snow Day necklace to my Etsy shop a day or two ago.  This is perfect for the holidays!  Here’s what I  especially like about this necklace:  It looks awesome for Christmas, but because there are no Santas or other Christmas-y stuff on it, it is perfect for the whole winter season.  Go ahead and wear it with green for Christmas, but it looks smashing on blue, black, neutrals and non-Christmas-y greens too.  I sized it longer (26.5 inches) so it can fit with a collar or over a sweater.

Snow Day Necklace

Snow Day Necklace

Small Business Saturday

Sale & Giveaway!

Small Business Saturday

Today is Small Business Saturday, and that’s definitely me.  CEO of Linda Landig Jewelry.  Employee:  One. Me.  Doesn’t get much smaller than that! 

Its a good to stop and think today about who or what you are supporting with your dollars.  When you shop at small businesses, whether online or locally you are supporting real people, not giant corporations, that often syphon off much of the profits for those at the top. 

When you support small businesses you can know the people behind the purchase.  And in the case of the arts, you know the hands that formed the gift and the mind that designed it.

So I’d encourage you to think a bit about supporting small businesses this holiday season and year ’round. 

Art Jewelry Elements

I am a part of several wonderful online communities of folks who design beads and components for jewelry and/or design finished jewelry.  One of those groups, Art Jewelry Elements, hosted a Holiday Open House yesterday.  As a team effort, we published 29 posts in one day!  We shared  recipes, folklore, wine recommendations, and even a bit of  humor. Please visit the AJE blog , and check out some of our posts.  Each post includes a link to our team members’   shops, with discount codes through Cyber Monday.

Handmade Pink Rose Flower Earrings

Pink Rose  Earrings

20% Off Coupon Code & Earring Giveaway!

I’m also part of a large and growing group called  Artisan Whimsy.  They are  running a huge sale through next Friday, Nov. 30th.  All the participating artists are offering online discounts in their shops, using the discount code  AWHOLIDAY.   And many of these artists are also hosting giveaways on their blogs.

I will be giving away the Pink Rose Earrings pictured here. These lovely earrings are designed with lampwork glass, peridot and sterling silver. 

To enter to win these earrings, all you have to do is visit my ArtFire shop or my Etsy shop, find one item that you like, then come back here and leave a comment with the name or link to that item.  If you share this post on Facebook or your blog, those will give you additional entries.  Please include your email addy so I can contact the winner easily.  Each entry must have a separate comment, because I will count up the comments and use a  number randomizer to determine the winner.  If you group your shares and favorite jewelry pieces in one comment, it will only be counted as one entry.

To summarize:

You have 4 chances to win -

1.  Choose a favorite item from my ArtFire shop and comment on it, on THIS POST.  Include the item title or link.

2. Choose a favorite item from my Etsyshop and comment on it, on THIS POST. Include the item title or link.

3.  Share the link to this giveaway on Facebook.  Leave a comment on THIS POST letting me know that you shared.

4.  Share the link to this giveaway on your blog.  Leave a comment on THIS POST letting me know that you shared.

The winner will be chosen Friday evening, Nov. 30th.  I’ll need your email in order to contact the winner.

Use the coupon code AWHOLIDAY from now until Nov. 30th and receive 20% off in both of my shops

AND check out the discounts & giveaways at Artisan Whimsy!

 2012 Holiday Jewelry Designers Collections

Bead Giveaway Alert

For those of you who are beaders yourself, I want to share news of a great giveaway by Outwest. They are giving away this set of beads to one lucky winner–maybe you or hopefully me! lol!

Outwest Giveaway

Outwest Bead Giveaway

I love everything from this talented lampwork artist.  Here’s one of my bracelets, which features a Outwest Bead as well as a copper component from Kristi Bowman Designs.

The Outwest bead is the large bead to the left of Kristi’s ammonite focal piece.

Amazing Bead Win

Strut Your Stuff

One of my favorite blogs, “Love My Art Jewelry” hosts a monthly give away called “Strut Your Stuff“.  Each week the Strut Your Stuff post features one piece of jewelry that has been made with mostly handmade components.  At the end of the month, one of the featured jewelry artists wins a generous gift of handmade beads, pendants and other components.

Morning Song Bracelet

Morning Song Bracelet

 In July I submitted my “Morning Song Bracelet“, featuring handmade ceramic beads by Bo Hulley Beads and to my surprise I was chosen as the winner for the month!  Almost every day for nearly two weeks, I kept getting wonderful surprise packages in the mail.  I had so much fun!  Check out what I won from some of the members of  the Artist’s Team at Beads of Clay and from Kristi Bowman Designs!!

Handamde Porcelain Pendants

Love My Art Jewelry Winnings

handmade ceramic and copper clay focals

handmade ceramic beads

ceramic beads and birdie.

I sincerely want to thank each of the artists that donated these items and those who organized the giveaway.  I encourage you to visit their shops and marvel at all this talent! 

So, now I’ve begun designing with some of these goodies and I will keep you updated as I progress further.  Today I’ll share my first necklace, which I named “Windswept”.

porcelain pendant necklace, ceramic beads, handmade

The sweeping lines on the pendant reminded me of tall grasses blowing in the wind.  The lines also look a bit like waves, but its abstract, so I think it is up to each person’s  interpretation.  It is really a beautiful and unique pendant, handcrafted by the talented hands at  Porcelain Jazz.

 Handmade ceramic necklace

 The bail on the pendant was quite large and the pendant is a bit on the heavier side, so I decided to string it on sage green suede  leather lacing. The leather really brings out the green in the sweeping lines of the pendant.  I knotted on handmade beads by Yolanda’s Clay, Jera Luna Designs, and Bo Hulley Beads.  I also knotted on a glass flower dangle that I’m not sure about.  What do you think?  Do you like the addition of the flower or shall I snip it off?  Does it look distracting and out of place?  Opinions appreciated. 

handmade porcelain necklace

I Heart Macro – Lichen & Giveaway Winners

Its time for another I Heart Macro Sunday!  And we also have a winner for the giveaway!!!  But first the macro shots.  (If you just want to skip to the winners (he-he),  scroll down about half way)!


We live in a beautiful woodsy area in western Washington state.  Dry, almost hair-like lichen is a common sight here,  Sometimes it hangs off the forest branches like a veil. Lichen does not flourish in areas with a great deal of pollution, so it is a sign of a healthy environment to find it so abundantly here.



According to Backyard Nature:

Lichens are not plants. They are “composite organisms” made up of two, or maybe three, completely different kinds of organisms. It’s as if you combined an animal such as a dog with a plant such as an oak, maybe with a fungus thrown in as well, and ended up with something very different from animal, plant or fungus. Something that was its own thing, with its own identity and manner of being.

Every lichen species is part fungus. Usually the other  species is a photosynthesizing alga, but sometimes it can be a photosynthesizing bacterium known as a cyanobacterium. Sometimes all three kinds of organisms are found in one lichen.

Washington State Lichen

Pacific Northwest Lichen

A scientist who studies lichens is called a lichenologist.  I never even knew such a field existed – did you?

Lichen in Western WA State

Pacific Northwest Lichen

According to Lichen Biology and the Environment:

Lichens grow in the leftover spots of the natural world that are too harsh or limited for most other organisms. They are pioneers on bare rock, desert sand, cleared soil , dead wood, animal bones, rusty metal, and living bark. Able to shut down metabolically during periods of unfavorable conditions, they can survive extremes of heat, cold, and drought.

Washington State Lichen

Lichen in my backyard

Most lichens grow very, very slowly, often less than a millimeter per year, and some lichens are thought to be among the oldest living things on Earth. Lichens with known, slow growth rates, like Rhizocarpon geographicum, have been used to estimate the dates of geological events such as the retreat of glaciers.

Washington State Lichen

Lichen in my backyard

Giveaway Winner

A big thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway!  Also a warm welcome goes out to everyone who liked my Facebook jewelry page, as part of this giveaway!  I had a lot of fun reading your comments!

sometimes you don't

source: Pinterest

So Sari Earrings

The first part of the giveaway is for everyone who left a comment about the copper, lampwork and sari silk earrings.

copper, lampwork and sari silk earrings

So Sari Earrings

There were 115 entries for this giveaway!  And the winner is (drum roll please):  # 73 – Shannon Hollahan

The second part of the giveaway was for people who shared the link to the giveaway on their Facebook pages, on their blog or on Google+.

These people were eligible to win their choice of a pair of beautiful Athena Ancient Patina Copper Charms by Melinda Orr Designs or…..

Athena Ancient Patina Copper Charms

Athena Ancient Patina Copper Charms

…a hand-woven bracelet by me.

right angle weave bracelet

There were 62 entries for this part of the Giveaway.  The winner is: # 16 – Sarah Lyons

 (note: I tried to paste a screen shot of the random number generator here, but I was unable to do so successfully – computer klutz that I am…)

Congratulations to the winners!  Please contact me through Facebook or by clicking on the contact button on the right side margin on my blog!


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
Visit Lori to get links to more great macro shots.

studio waterstone

Bead Table Wednesday: Kick It Up A Notch!

Springtime Giveaway

Q – What is better than a springtime earring giveaway?

A – A giveaway that includes earrings, a bracelet and artisan-made embossed copper components!

Melinda Orr Designs and I are collaborating to take this giveaway and kick it up a notch!

As announced on Monday’s blog post, everyone who enters the giveaway has an opportunity to be included in the drawing for the “So Sari Earrings”, featuring amazing handmade patina’ed copper dangles by Melinda Orr Designs, sari silk and lampwork (handmade) glass by Radiant Mind.

Linda Landig Jewelry

So Sari Earrings

And now, each person who shares this giveaway on Facebook, their blog or Google+ will also be entered to win their choice of a pair of handmade copper components by Melinda Orr Designs or a turquoise and green bracelet which I wove on Sunday.  There’s something for everyone–whether you just love wearing artisan jewelry or whether you are an artisan jeweler yourself.

Melinda Orr Orrtec

Athena Ancient Patina Copper Charms by Melinda Orr Designs

Linda Landig Jewelry

Hand-woven bracelet by Linda Landig Jewelry

How To Play Along

Click to go to my Facebook page.

  • Comment on the Facebook Giveaway post  for 1 entry to win the earrings.
  • Click the share button on the Facebook post and get 2 extra entries.
  • If you have a business page, click to share it there too and get an another 2 entries.
  • Share this Giveaway on your blog and leave a comment on my Facebook Giveaway post letting me know you have done this, for 2 entries.
  • Share the Giveaway on Google+ and let me know about it on my Facebook Giveaway post, for 2 more entries.

The basics:

Comment = 1 entry

Shares = 2 entries

I will number all these entries in the order received and then use an online random number generator to determine the earring winner.

Then I will number all the people who shared the giveaway.  I’ll use the random number generator again to determine who gets to choose between the  copper components and the bracelet.  The winners will be posted on my blog and Facebook page on Sat. March 31st.

Best of luck and Happy Springtime!

right angle weave bracelet Linda Landig Jewelry

Hand-woven bracelet by Linda Landig Jewelry


Visit the BTW Flickr group and see what others have on their  bead tables.

link to BTW Flickr group

I Heart Macro – Texture

sari silk cord on copper

sari silk earring

I’ve been experiementing  with adding fibers to my jewelry designs.  The contrast between the softness of sari silk and metal or glass is captivating.

The sari silk cording captures the eye with its brilliance and it adds another layer of texture over the richly patina’ed metal components by Melinda Orr Designs.  The smooth matte beads by Radiant Mind add still another surface texture.

twisted orange and pink threads

Sari silk earring

Patina'ed copper by Melinda Orr Designs

Patina'ed and embossed copper by Melinda Orr Designs

I love how these turned out, so I decided to share them with you in a giveaway tomorrow,  (Monday 3/26/12).  Come back tomorrow to see how you can enter to win.  Details will be here and on my Facebook page.

copper, sari silk and lampwork earrings

Sari silk earrings


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
Visit Lori to get links to more great macro shots.

studio waterstone