Waxed Linen Jewelry Blog Hop

Spools of colorful waxed linen.

A couple of years ago I took a class from Erin Siegel where we learned to make earrings using Irish waxed linen.  I’ve been happily knotting linen cording ever since!

Diana and I learning to use waxed linen, with Erin’s guidance.

When I first heard that Diana was hosting a waxed linen blog hop, I imagined that I would have quite a few pieces of new jewelry to show today.  But I’ve been so wrapped up in making ceramic pendants lately, that it wasn’t until last night that I started to work on a necklace.

However, I do love working with with waxed linen, so making this necklace was a pleasure.

Handmade necklace by Linda Landig

Blue Raven Necklace

The ceramic raven pendant was made by Oh! Sullivan Studio. Most of the ceramic beads were made by Mary Hubbard of White Clover Kiln.

Handmade Raven Necklace by Linda Landig

Blue Raven Necklace

The dark blue ceramic beads are from Kazuri Beads.  There’s some recycled glass and Czech glass beads, too.  I like the way that the linen knots separate the beads, so they stand out more and the way it adds an extra bit of color.

Blue Raven Necklace by Linda Landig

Blue Raven Necklace

I am looking forward to visiting all the other participants in this blog hop.  Their creations will be so inspiring.  I’d encourage you to visit their blogs too.  The links are below.

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 

Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy


Diana Ptaszynski  Our much appreciated hostess

Spring Daisy Earrings

We’re All Ears :: March

Welcome to the Earrings Everyday Blog Hop!   Earrings Everyday hosts a monthly earring challenge and blog hop.  We post a picture on the Earrings Everyday blog to inspire your earring designs and then one month later we have a blog hop to see what everyone has made!

Here is the picture for March.

March Inspiration Picture.

My earrings were inspired by the flowers on the quilt and in the tapestry.  The earrings aren’t the same colors as in the picture, but I had the orange lampwork flowers on hand and I had fun layering the flowers.

Artisan jewelry by Linda Landig.

Daffodil Earrings

The cream colored centers remind me of the trumpet centers of daffodils.  Our previous house had a big field in the back, where over the years, my husband planted over one thousand daffodils for me.  At this time of year we had bouquets of daffodils in nearly every room and a big bouquet at work, too.  Every spring I think of our field of daffodils and how that was one way in which my husband said “I love you.” to me.

Handmade jewelry by Linda Landig

Daffodil Earrings

Now comes the fun part.  Click on the link below to get links to all the challenge participants.  Then visit their blogs to see all the wonderful earrings they have created!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy

An Interview By Jean Yates

I was honored, this week, to be interviewed by the awesome Jean Yates.  Jean won a pair of my earrings in a giveaway hosted by Earrings Everyday.  Having connected through this giveaway, Jean then asked if she could interview me on her blog.

Handmade wirework earrings by Linda Landig

Heart earrings that Jean won.

Jean is a well known author, bead magazine columnist, freelance reviewer, frequently published jewelry designer and illustrator.  Her book, Links, was already a part of my beading library.

Wire work beading book by Jean Yates

Links, by Jean Yates

Jean has been very positive and encouraging to me.  She asked good, thought provoking questions in the interview and posted lots of pictures of my recent jewelry designs.  She also posted a school photo of me (I was a teacher, remember) from about 5 years ago.  My hair is about 8 inches longer now and a bit grayer, but it still looks like me. ;)

I hope you’ll go check out the interview.  I feel really honored to have this interview included with the interviews she has done with so many of the outstanding designers in this field.  Here’s the link: Snap out of it Jean!  There’s beading to be done!


And, by the way…. I just added these earrings to my Etsy shop.  I titled them Spring Fever!  I wonder why???  Are you itching for spring too?

orange and turquoise earrings handmade by Linda Landig

Spring Fever earrings

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy

Tropical Getaway Earrings

We’re All Ears :: February

Welcome to the Earrings Everyday Challenge!  Have I told you that I am now writing for Earrings Everyday?  This month (and every month after this) we are hosting a fun earring challenge and blog hop.  We post a picture on the Earrings Everyday blog to inspire your earring designs and then one month later we have a blog hop to see what everyone has made!  Sound fun?  If you didn’t get in on it for February, you can hop on board in March.

Here is the February picture, with a natural heart from Mother Nature.

damsel flies

February Earring Inspiration

My first thought was to use some dragonfly charms as dangles on the earrings.  The dragonflies had a shiny fake gold coating on them which I decided to sand  off.  I then painted them with VerDay so I could then patina them, (VerDay is a paint which contains very fine metallic pieces which can be used to  create a patina).  I thought that a nice verdigris patina would pick up the greens and turquoise in the photo.  Nice idea, but FAIL!

Botched dragonfly charms

Botched dragonfly charms

I re-sanded them and tried again, but still no better.  I later learned that the insects in the photo are not actually dragonflies.  They are damselflies.  ::Shrugs shoulders::  Who knew?  Soooo, on to Plan B.

And its all good, because I’m very happy with the Plan B earrings.

handmade earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Tropical Escape Earrings

The orangy-coral ceramic discs are from Marsha Neal Studio. They echo the orange at the ends of the damselflies bodies.  The turquoise glass beads pick up the color of the insects’ eyes.

orange and turquoise earrings by Linda Landig Jewelry

Tropical Escape Earrings

The colors  of the earrings somehow make me think of a tropical vacation (I think the gray rainy days are getting to me), so I named these earrings “Tropical Getaway”.

Now comes the fun part.  Click on the link below to get links to all the challenge participants.  Then visit their blogs to see all the wonderful earrings they have created!

I am always delighted to read your comments!   Hope to hear from you.


Linda Landig Jewelry – ArtFire 
Linda Landig Jewelry – Etsy

Thirty Word Thursday: Radiant Orchid

purple and white blooming orchid

Pantone decrees

Radiant Orchid

For the New Year.

And everyone obeys.

Wall paint.  Evening gowns.

Advertising.  And jewelry.

I laugh.

I’ve had Radiant Orchid

On my window sill

For years.


The premise of 30 Words Thursday is simple…

Choose an image and write 30 words about it. No more. No less.  30 Word Thursday is the brainchild of Erin Prais-Hintz of Tesori Trovati.  To find links to other 30 Word Thursday posts,  head over to Erin’s blog.

Wonky Bead Blog Hop

My apologizes for arriving late to the blog hop.  The cord that recharges the battery on my laptop is broken and so until the new one arrives, I had to find another computer to use for my blog post. Hence the fact that I’m a day late.

I had a lot of fun working with Kristi Bowman’s polymer clay “Wonky Beads”.  I loved both the colors and the fun textures.  Here are the beads that I bought for the blog hop.

planning 3

I had some ideas in mind for what I wanted to do, but nevertheless, it took a couple of false starts.  This was my first layout.  I really liked it, but the pendant has a yellowish cast to it, that just didn’t work with Kristi’s beads.  Sadly, I had to set it aside.

planning necklace

Next off, I tried a ceramic butterfly that was a perfect color match.  I even knotted this onto the necklace and knotted some of the beads together, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

planning 2

  I stared at it for awhile and finally cut the butterfly off.   I decided that the Wonky Beads spoke for themselves and that the necklace looked too cluttered with the pendant.  When I restrung it, without the pendant I had that “just right” feeling that tells me that I’ve arrived at my happy design place!

Wonky Bead Necklace

Wonky Bead Necklace

The necklace is strung on a doubled strand of brown cotton cording and the upper portion features 2 strands of dark teal “peanut” beads, with a button closure.  When I found that button in my stash, I was thrilled!  Look how well it accents the polymer clay tube bead, above the small red disk!  The “Wonky Bead Necklace” is available in my Etsy shop.

You can find links to all the other Wonky Bead creations of Kristi Bowman’s blog!  Check out her shop, as well!

News Day Tuesday: Kalmbach Bead Soup Challenge

My online friend, Lori Anderson,  recently published a book titled: Bead Soup.  It was published by Kalmbach Publishing in August.  Kalmbach is now hosting their own Bead Soup Challenge to publicize Lori’s book.

A group of beaders were selected and paired with various bead shops around the country.  The bead shops contributed beads, a focal and a clasp, which Kalmbach then sent out to the participants.  I was partnered with the Bead Lounge in Colorado.  Here are the goodies they sent me!

Bead Soup from the Bead Lounge

Bead Soup from the Bead Lounge

Before I actually started my design process, I went through my bead drawers and pulled out some good contenders to include in the design.  Here’s the soup bowl with additions from my bead stash.

Bead Soup with additional items from my bead stash

I started with the pendant first.  I knew I wanted this lampwork glass “wing-ding” by Genea Beads to be a dangle in front of the pendant.  I knotted it in place with Irish waxed linen and accented it with 3 small green serpentine beads.

Ceramic, lampwork glass and serpentine bead pendant

Ceramic, lampwork glass and serpentine bead pendant

I decided not use the gold plastic beads that you see in the picture above.  They have a very cool shape, but their size, seemed to overwhelm the pendant.  I saved them for a second project later.

green and brown handmade necklace

Kalmbach Bead Soup necklace

The beads are all knotted on linen-colored cotton cording.  I had some fun playing with the design.  I used green rubber O-rings as spacers.  They go perfectly with the serpentine stones on the pendant.

brown and green one of a kind necklace

Kalmbach Bead Soup necklace

The jewelry challenge stated that we only need to use the pendant and the clasp in our design.  But I still wanted to use the gold three-sided beads, so I created a bracelet on memory wire.  I haven’t used memory wire in years and frankly I was kind of surprised that I liked the results so much!

red, gold and orange 3 strand bracelet.

Kalmbach Bead Soup bracelet

Kalmbach is going to be letting people vote on their favorite designs.  Three winners will receive Kalmbach gift cards. I’m not clear if the voting will take place on Kalmbach’s Jewelry Facebook page or if it will be on the company website.  Follow me on my Facebook page and I’ll let you know where to vote, as soon as I find out.

Red, gold and orange 3 strand memory wire bracelet

Kalmbach bead soup bracelet

To all my readers who are in the path of hurricane Sandy, I wish you safe keeping.  You are in my thoughts tonight, (I’m writing this on Sunday night).


Looking Back ~ Looking Forward

Looking Back ~ Looking Forward

As 2011 comes to a close I feel grateful for family and friends who make each day so worthwhile.  I feel blessed by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the opportunity and the time to be creative, for laughter and health.

Last year I posted 5 jewelry related resolutions for 2011.  Let’s take a look at how I did, what I should carry forward and what I might add.

2011 Resolutions

  1. Build up to 100 items in my shop.  That seems to be the magic number for people to start finding you in a Google search. I’d get up into the high 90’s, but then I’d have a show and sell a whole bunch of jewelry and be knocked back down to the 60’s.  I found its not adequate to just have 100 items in your shop.  You must have more than that, so you can maintain a high number even when you have successful shows.
  2. Blog 2-3 times a week.  Aim for three.  I met this goal, with the exception of a few weeks,  I’m quite proud of how often I blogged–and it paid off in increasing numbers of readers.
  3. Increase the speed/efficiency of photographing and posting new jewelry online.  I’m very slow at editing pictures, writing the item descriptions etc.  This eats huge hunks of time.  I would grade myself with a C+ on this resolution.  My photography is much more efficient.  I got a light box, so I can take pictures at any time of day, whether it is sunny or not.  My jewelry descriptions are better, but still more time consuming than I would like.  The new Google algorithms require a minimum of 250 words per description and preferably more.  That can be quite laborious, to say the least!
  4. Submit one of my jewelry designs to a beading magazine.  OK, I get an F on this one.  I thought about it–does that count???  Ah-hm, I’ll have to carry this over to 2012.
  5. Work on de-cluttering my studio, (&  my house, life etc. sigh…). I made a lot of progress in this area!  Several carloads of clutter went to the Goodwill or were thrown out!  I wanted to make space in our extra room for a queen-sized bed and that meant a lot of my stuff had to go.  I’ll carry this goal over to 2012, though, because I need to keep de-cluttering the whole house.

Resolutions For The New Year

  1. Continue building up the number of items in my jewelry shop.  I’m down to 68 after the Christmas season.
  2. Part way through last year, I started photographing my jewelry on a slate background.  I need to re-photograph the older items that are on a plain white background.  I want my whole shop to have a consistent look.
  3. After Google reformatted its algorithms, I began writing longer descriptions and improving my use of key words for the searches.  Now all my older descriptions need to be rewritten (so not looking forward to that task!).
  4. Submit one of my jewelry designs to a magazine.
  5. Continue de-cluttering my creative ventures, as well as other parts of my life.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you and your loved ones an incredible, amazing, and wondrous 2012!

What goals have you set for yourself?  Do you think you’ll be able to make them happen?



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Coin Pearl Earrings with handmade glass by Beads and Botanicals

Coin pearl earrings with lampwork glass
Coin pearl earrings with lampwork glass by Beads & Botanicals

Earring Giveaway Winner!

We also have a winner of the Bead Soup Blog Party Earring Giveaway!

Torque Story is the winner.  So, if you’d contact me (via my contact button on the side bar) and send me your address, I’ll send the earrings on their way to you!  Congratulations!

Bead Soup Blog Party – Welcome!

Bead Soup Blog Party

Welcome to the Bead Soup Blog Party!  Lori Anderson, of Pretty Things is the amazing organizer of an event that now spans five continents and 21 countries!  This is the fourth Bead Soup Blog Party that Lori has organized and the second one in which I have participated.

Here’s how it works:  Lori paired up all the participants.  We all sent our partners a special focal bead or pendant, a pretty clasp and some accompanying beads.  We could add anything to this “bead soup” that we wanted.  We all made one or more pieces of jewelry and today we are sharing what we have created!

My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner was Lori Dorrington.  Lori is a lampwork artist (handmade glass) and a jewelry designer.  She has a blog called, “Lori’s Adventures in Etsyland” and she has an online shop called, Lori’s Glassworks.  Here is a picture of the wonderful beady goodies that Lori sent me.

Beads from Lori Dorington

Bead Soup from Lori Dorington

Clockwise from the left, we have Lori’s pretty lampwork glass beads, tiger-eye beads and a clasp, some small green pearls and garnets.

My Bead Soup Necklace

I knew right away that I would make one of the lampwork beads into a pendant and that I’d like to have two strands in the front, with the other two lampwork beads serving as a transition from two strands to one strand.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Focal Bead

I purchased some little bead caps to add importance to the lampwork and I bought this cool leaf chain that I dangled from the end of the lampwork focal. The lower necklace strand is mostly garnet, with some pearl highlights and the upper strand is mostly pearls, with one cream-colored lampwork bead in the middle.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

I’ve been designing this necklace in my head for several weeks now, but last week I suddenly remembered that I had some hand dyed silk in a deep red.  I found it in my stash and it was a perfect match!
I’d never finished a necklace with textiles before, so I had to push myself into new territory–which is the exact purpose of this exercise.  I added some fine copper chain to give added strength to the ribbon in the back.  I don’t particularly like necklaces where the ribbon just ties in the back, so I finished it with copper cones and the clasp that Lori sent me.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

The transition (see above) was a little tricky for me.  At first I had larger beads where the two strands come together, beneath the lampwork, but it was too bulky and the strands jutted out awkwardly.  So I re-strung that portion of the necklace using smaller beads.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Spiced Cranberries Necklace

I named it the “Spiced Cranberries Necklace“, because the deep reds remind me of the cranberries that grow so well here in the Pacific Northwest, along the coast. And here’s a little bonus:  click on the link, if you’d like a yummy recipe for a Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider Drink.

A Giveaway

I also made some earrings with the tiger-eye beads that Lori sent me.  I placed a copper wafer and a green Czech glass bead above the tiger-eye and then I topped the earrings off with a small mookite bead.

These earrings will be given away as a “thank you” for visiting my blog during this blog hop.  All you have to do to be entered to win the earrings is to leave a comment on today’s blog post.  You must include your email address, or your link must lead to a blog or other website where is it easy for me to locate your email address.  If I cannot find your email address, I will choose someone else.  This giveaway will be open until the end of the month.  The winner will be chosen using an online random number generator.

Tiger-eye, glass copper and mookite earrings.

Bead Soup Giveaway Earrings

The Blog Hop

Here is a list of all the Bead Soup Blog Party participants.  Have fun visiting as many people as you can.  I know this list is overwhelming, so I want to thank you for visiting my own little corner of the bead blog world.  I sincerely appreciate it.

These are the partner pairs.
The Hostess with the Mostess (!), Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke
19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel
You are here!     118. Linda Landig and Lori Dorrington
For a total of 362 people making jewelry!