Jess Blue

2 Tone Blue Right Angle Weave Bracelet

A friend of mine was looking at this bracelet and exclaimed,  “That’s Jess Blue!”.  She was right.  Our mutual friend, Jess, loves this color.  Jessica designs awesome chainmaille jewelry and always photographs it with a Jess Blue background.  This cobalt blue just makes Jessica’s heart sing!

If I had to pick a single color, I think I’d name it Linda Orange.  Linda Orange is a rusty autumn orange – like the colors I’m wearing in this picture.  I love to wear all the colors of autumn: brick reds, bark browns, rusty orange and golden yellows.  You’ll find these colors popping up frequently in my jewelry.   They always make me feel happy and self-confident.

How about you?  What would be your signature color?

4 thoughts on “Jess Blue

  1. Great idea, Linda! I’ve subscribed so I don’t miss a post!

    Let’s see, my favorite color is deep cobalt blue, so maybe I’d be Blue Lee Anne, only that sounds kind of sad. Maybe Lapis Lee Anne?? And while I used to wear blue a lot, I’ve consciously learned to steer away from it over the years, so I’m not so monotonous. I like to wear neutral colors, and dress it up with jewelry that is colorful or bright. I always gravitate back to gold or silver jewelry, or a combo of both. Metallic Mama, maybe.

  2. Thanks for subscribing, Lee Anne!
    Metallic Mama has a certain ring to it! lol! And Lapis has metallic hints in it (Pyrite), so maybe Lee Anne Lapis would work! By the way, I love Lapis, too!

  3. I love the Jess Blue bracelet!!!
    If I had a color it would be Angela Anthracite or my alternative would be Dawn Blue (Dawn is my middle name).
    I mainly wear black and bluejeans on a daily basis because I stain easily :O

    • Well, I had to Google Anthracite, because I didn’t know what it was! High luster hard coal! I guess if its a mineral that is not commonly made into beads, I’m clueless. So now I’ve learned something new & that’s always a good thing! Yes, Anthracite would be a great color for a painter to wear!

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