Meeting a Facebook Friend Face-To-Face

I met my new friend, Jenelle Aubade, via Facebook.   Jenelle and her husband, Daniel,  are fantastic lampwork artists and I have enjoyed viewing their work on Facebook and in Jenelle’s Etsy Shop, Radiant Mind.   What surprised me  is that they live right here in my hometown and I didn’t even know it until about a month ago!  I finally got to meet them on Saturday and what a treat it was!  Jenelle greeted me with a big hug, as though we were old friends.  Their beads are even more awesome in “real life”, than online!  How could I choose just a few?

Jenelle helped out, big-time, by giving me the bead set on the left as a gift!  I was giddy!  I also love the cool sand dollar bead set.  I am always happy at the ocean, so these beauties make me smile.  And the turquoise, lentil shaped bead is unlikely to ever make it to my shop .  I think that one just might find a home on my wrist.  My creative juices are flowing now.  Let’s see where it takes me!  What inspires your creativity?

2 thoughts on “Meeting a Facebook Friend Face-To-Face

  1. Thank you Linda for your sweet comments! Daniel and I are both thrilled to meet you too, and I am SUPER enjoying your jewelry designs – cant wait for your show this month! My mom and I will both be by to check out your latest pretties- so glad to be in touch =) Jenelle

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