My beading buddy, Lee Anne, and I had a BEAD-utiful time at the Pacific Northwest Bead Festival in Tacoma, WA yesterday.  Imagine a convention hall filled with over 100 vendors selling an amazing array of gemstones, art beads, sterling silver, gold, copper and brass clasps and beads, vintage and contemporary pressed glass beads and crystals.   Comfortable walking shoes are essential and you have to be prepared for sensory overload!  Having a budget also helps – hehe.  Its easy for the green to just slip through your fingers when you are only half way through the vendors!  I’ll share my plunder over the next 2 days!  Here are my new gemstone goodies:



Gemstone Goodies from the 2010 PNWBF

    At the top of the picture is a strand light green freshwater pearls. Gemstones are usually purchased on 16 inch strands of monofilament with a knot on either end. Perpendicular to the pearls is a shorter strand of  rectangular brioche agates.  These will probably become a bracelet at some point.  Directly below the pearls are some lovely faceted garnets.  I love garnets!  Laying right up against the garnets are roundelles of Brazilian Amazonite.  Such a luscious color!  Finally, my big splurge, are these fabulous graduated turquoise wafers.  I can hardly wait to design a necklace featuring some of those!  I also came home with glass, sterling silver and art beads.  I’ll share those tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “BEAD-utiful!

    • Wilma-
      Aren’t they pretty? I always like the way flat rectangles lay nicely on the wrist. I have some vauge ideas about interspersing the agates with copper colored freshwater pearls, but I’m never really sure how things will end up looking until I start. I make a lot of changes along the way! I’ll post pictures when I use these agates.

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