Art Beads: The Super Stars

What are Art Beads?  They are the super stars of many of my jewelry designs.  Taking center stage; they are original works of art by talented bead artists working in the diverse media of glass, ceramics, polymer clay, metals, and fabric.  I enjoy getting to know the artists who create these beads and when I hold an art bead in my hands, I feel the creative vision and passion of the person who made it.  When you possess jewelry with art beads; you possess treasure.  (If you are interested in learning more about art  beads; visit the Art Bead Scene Blog.)       

Art beads are obviously more expensive than mass-produced beads, so I had to shop carefully at the Puget Sound Bead Festival.  There was so much more that I could only dream about, but this is what reality would allow me to come home with:       

Art Beads purchased at the PSBF


The rust colored bead, (top, left) is a dandelion bead by polymer clay artist Heather Powers.  The long tube-shaped bead was created by Olympia, WA glass artist Scott Parrish.  It has the most gorgeous swirls of purple, green, and rust.  The ceramic dragon-fly pendant is from Raven’s Journey in Port Angeles, WA.  The brown and cream twisted rings are called pretzel beads and creating with them will be just as fun as munching on pretzels!  The pretzels, the blue shell and the leaf are all creations of Unicorn Beads.  What a joy it will be to create jewelry with these beads.  It is a collaborative process with the artist who made them.

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