Glass Galore

I’ve posted pictures of the art beads and gemstones I brought home from the Puget Sound Bead Festival, but that’s not all of my loot. I also purchased a lot of sterling silver and the work-horse of  beaded  jewelry:  pressed glass.  It is called pressed glass because the molten glass is poured into forms and the 2 halves are pressed together, resulting in a faint tell-tale seam around the edges.  Because the glass can be manufactured in huge quantities, it is usually less expensive than gemstones or art glass.  The most unusual shapes and vintage glass beads are more expensive.  Of course, it is exactly those unique shapes that I am after.  Can you find the prize beads in this display?

One of many such tables of glass beads at the PSBF

What’s a person to do?  Lee Anne and I were practically fondling the glass.  It was so cool, silky and wonderful!  I didn’t really need any pressed glass, so I just made three selections.

With great restraint, I only purchased 3 sets of pressed glass beads.

All three of my purchases were wonderful vintage German glass beads from Wynnwood Bead Gallery in Port Townsend, WA.  I had purchased two of the red beads when I was in Port Townsend about 2 months ago and ever since then, I wished I had bought more.  Lois, the owner of Wynnwood was a vendor at the Bead Festival and I quickly snapped up a whole strand of these remarkable red beads.  The light turquoise beads are sea shell shaped and have two holes apiece.  They will become part of a couple of two strand bracelets.  The darker turquoise beads appealed to me because of their unusual shape and the dappled green along the edges.  Now its time to get to work!

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