Tiger Lily Love

Heather Powers, an internationally known polymer clay artist, designed the Tiger Lily focal bead in my newest bracelet.  This is one of the beads I purchased at the Puget Sound Bead Festival.  According to Heather’s website, her work is inspired, in part by “Birds, tree branches, leaves, flowers and sundries from the sea (which) reflect the beauty of nature…”  She states that she “ hope(s) to encourage others to grab hold of what captures their imagination and spirit.”  This is truly what happened to me as I developed my design for this bead.

Tiger Lily Bead by Heather Powers of Humble Beads

I love combining orange with turquoise so I laid out a bunch of turquoise beads as potential contenders for the honor of framing the Tiger Lily bead.  None of the bright, shiny beads looked  right with the rustic style of Heather’s bead.  Two 1.25 mm chunky turquoise nuggets were just right for the job.  I also picked out 2 flat, circular disks of turquoise.

I didn’t want to make the whole bracelet turquoise so I started rummaging around in my drawer of orange beads.  I found 2 hand-felted beads.  My sister-in-law had given me a bracelet that alternated the hand-felted beads with orange wooden rounds.  It was all orange and kind of boring.  I never wore it (sorry sis).  I took it apart and threw it in the “orange drawer”.  The felt beads were exactly what this bracelet needed to lift it out of the ordinary!  I then filled out the design with chocolate-colored porcelain beads and tortoise-shell colored glass discs between all the beads.  A silver clasp was too shiny, copper looked much better. It’s in my web shop now.

Tiger Lily Bracelet

This really turned out to be a mixed media bracelet:  Handmade polymer clay bead, hand-felted beads, turquoise, porcelain and glass. Mixed media jewelry is very on-trend right now.  What do you think?  Is it delightful, too busy, jumbled or fun?  Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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