2010 Summer Fine Arts and Crafts Show

I had a great time at the 2010 Fine Arts and Crafts Show last weekend.  It was fun talking with the shoppers and I truly appreciated all my friends and family members who visited the show!  Especially enriching for me were the conversations I had with my fellow artists in the show.

My new booth set-up.

Rosalind Phillips of Photo Elegance generously shared her helpful insights on marketing for a show of this type.  She has traveled around the world photographing animals in their natural environments.  A friend of mine bought one of Rosalind’s  framed photographs.  The photo, of a scarlet flicker in a tree, now hangs in my friend’s front entryway.  Robert Harju, Cowlitz Indian Tribal Carver, had the booth directly opposite of mine.  It was a pleasure to view his incredible carved feathers and masks all weekend.  If I had just won the lottery, I would have walked home with one of those masks in a heartbeat!

My booth at the 2010 Fine Arts and Craft Show

There were a couple of young artists at the show whose work impressed me, also.  Morgan Bajardi, Fabric Artist, had the booth next to Robert’s.  She mostly brought screen printed shirts with her to the show, but she had created a portfolio book that told a whole different story of a young woman with immense talent in designing woven fabrics.  Keep an eye on this one:  she could go far!  Also working in fabrics, but as different as night and day, was Christine Malek.  Christine has a creative impulse over-flowing with whimsy.  She designs stuffed animals and amazingly fanciful hats.  All weekend long I was wishing that my baby grandson was old enough to enjoy one of her creations.

There is another Fine Arts and Crafts Show in November.   I’m hoping that I can jury into that one too.   I’m amazed at the amount of talent in the Olympia area.  It was very energizing to have been a part of this group for the weekend.

Linda at the Fine Arts and Crafts Show


8 thoughts on “2010 Summer Fine Arts and Crafts Show

  1. I agree Linda! SO much talent here, I was loving Christine’s stuffed animals too, and did you see her felted jewelry designs? I felted some of our handmade soaps once, it is NOT easy lol. Your booth set up was very nice, eye level, orderly, and it was so easy to see everything and of course all was gorgeous:) Glad you are looking into more shows in the area, looking forward!

    • Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention Christine’s felted jewelry! It was beyond gorgeous! I’m allergic to wool, but I seriously wanted one of her necklaces! Do you mean a felted decoration for your soaps, not felted soap? lol I’ve watched my daughter make felt. It’s a fascinating process. You and Daniel, of course, are part of the wonderful talent in Olympia. I’m so glad you moved here!

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