Golden Oldies

When designing jewelry one of my goals is to incorporate different textures and shapes into each piece.  Picture a bracelet with every other bead being a round turquoise and then a round gold bead, repeated over and over again.  Dull, huh?

This bracelet is new in my shop now.  I made it just before we left on our trip to China and Korea.  I especially love the vintage gold beads because of the interesting texture they bring to this bracelet. (People argue over a precise definition of vintage, but generally it means the bead is over 30 years old.)   The surface of these golden oldies is organic and wavy.  The smooth turquoise ceramic cubes contrast nicely with the bumpy, gold vintage glass and both of these beads pick up the colors in the focal bead.  I threw in some round yellow jade and some small, turquoise glass spacers for good measure.

Today is Monday and I’m wishing you a happy week!   Our daughter is returning home from her year in Korea, this evening.  She’ll be staying with us for a while, as she gets re-settled, so I know I will be having a happy week!

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