Chochi: Dog Delights and Disasters

Rescue dog

This is Chochi looking noble...and innocent.

Meet Chochi 

This is Chochi, the rescue dog that we’ve had for a little over a year.  He is a big, handsome and loving guy, but….. 

Saturday Morning Breakfast 

Every Saturday morning my husband and I go out to breakfast together.  We have been doing this for over 20 years now.  It’s our time to catch up the events of the past week, talk about politics, art, or education or just work through whatever issues we may be facing .  It’s our time to re-connect.  So, as usual, we headed off to our favorite breakfast spot this morning.  We had a great time, but… 

Dastardly Dog 

Upon returning home, I found our blood pressure cuff sitting on the floor by the coffee table.  It had been on the kitchen counter.   Chochi was looking up at me innocently, from his doggy bed. 

rescue dog

"Why are you calling me a bad dog?"


What possible interest could a dog have in a blood pressure cuff?   Was it giving off scents of roast beef or something?  When your dog eats the blood pressure cuff, it is definitely not good for your blood pressure!  This is what is left of the cuff. 

Blood pressure cuff

What used to be our blood pressure cuff


4 thoughts on “Chochi: Dog Delights and Disasters

  1. Awww, these are cute pictures of Chochi! He looks so sweet and innocent in the picture where his head is resting on his paw. hehehe.

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