Fall For These – New Jewelry

What is your favorite time of year?  I feel a rush of excitement every Autumn.  I just love all the fall colors.  I love to see them, wear them and I love  to design autumn colored jewelry!  Today my camera captured some of  the first hints of autumn.

There is a wonderful collection of autumn jewelry at Linda Landig Contemporary Artisan Jewelry, called Fall For These.  Today I added a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a necklace to the Fall For These collection.

The neutral colors in this pair of earrings makes them immensely wearable and the gun-metal chain makes them just a little edgy.  The gun-metal chain in these earrings was part of a purse, in its previous life.  I liked the purse better as a clutch bag, so I got out the wire cutters and chopped off the chain!  Now the chain finds new life in some of my jewelry!  Just doing my part to recycle!

This new bracelet uses a red focal bead I purchased at the Pacific Northwest Bead Festival.  I love how one side is punctuated by a single wooden bead.

This necklace was the last thing I added to my shop today.  I had so much fun making this!  Asymmetrical design is a big trend in jewelry and it’s harder to pull off than you might think.  An asymmetrical necklace has the pleasing quality of pulling your eyes around the whole necklace to discover all the surprises.  But, at the same time, it has to have some sense of balance, which can be achieved by including repeating elements.  I’ve included repeated elements of jasper and brass which work in harmony with the fantastic fossilized ammonite pendant.

Don’t forget to add a comment to this post so you can be entered in my free earring give-away.  Details are here.


22 thoughts on “Fall For These – New Jewelry

    • Thank you Paula! The fossilized ammonite pendant was very inspiring to work with! You know how there are some pieces that just “click” when you create them? This is one of those.
      I’ve entered you in the free earring give-away. Best of luck!

  1. I love that necklace. The colors and the shell remind me of walks on the beach after all the tourists have gone home. Too cold to swim, still warm enough to have on shorts, but you FEEL Fall in the air.

  2. This is one of my favorite necklaces and it looks beautiful on. Really an eye catcher. Laughed about the chain from the purse, come over and we will go through all my “stuff” to see if there is anything you can recycle.

  3. I remember when you got that bead – the red focal. I new you’d create somthing fantastic around it, and so you did! I also love your asymetrical necklace. I started a couple, but my symetrical brain won’t let me yet. I’m working on it.

    Great stuff, Linda!

  4. I made a pr. of earrings for my daughter out of the exact red beads that you put in the asymetrical bracelet, and I got them in Raleigh, NC.

  5. Asymmetry boggles me too – love the look, can’t quite figure out how to do it myself. But, you’ve inspired me now, so maybe Sunday, when it’s finally Fall weather (67 and rainy) I’ll take a stab at it!

    • It’s kind of challenging–but it’s a good challenge too! I spent a lot of time looking at asymetrical neckalces in magazines and figuring out what made them “tick”. When you make your necklace be sure to post it on FB, so I can see it. Jewelry designers need to stick together and support one another! 🙂

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