Gifts Of Love

I had a lovely birthday celebration yesterday and feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.  My father took my husband, daughter and me out to lunch.  The restaurant overlooked the harbor and my blackened salmon caesar salad was delicious!  Afterward we all came home and opened gifts.  Shortly afterward, my son called with birthday greetings and then my dear friend, Rose, came by for a little visit.  Later my daughter’s  boyfriend joined us for a dinner of barbecued chicken, prepared by our head cook – my husband (aka:  super chef!).

I was touched by the thought that each person put into their gifts.  Each gift reflected aspects of who I am and what I would appreciate and enjoy.  My husband is getting me a new camera to make blogging and photographing my jewelry easier.  We are still researching various models, but that will be a cherished gift, added to those below.

Isn’t this bowl magnificent? I was almost speechless with joy when I received it!  It’s made locally, by an artist in the Seattle area.

I love flowers!  Our previous home had a large field in the back, in which my husband had planted over 1,000 daffodil bulbs for me, over the years.  I miss those daffodils so much!  We don’t have that much space here, but this gift is from him and includes the labor involved in planting and caring for the flowers.

Did I mention that I love flowers???  I have a small collection of orchids that reside in the bay window of our kitchen.  This will be added to that collection!

A nice check from my dad so I can go shopping – need I say more?

Old school and new school reading!  I love books, but since I enjoy traveling, I think a Kindle is very practical.  Instead of packing 3-4 books in my luggage, I can just bring along my Kindle.  There’s a case that goes along with this, but it hasn’t arrived yet.  The biggest gift here is all the love and care that each person has shared with me – love that is a daily gift in my heart.


8 thoughts on “Gifts Of Love

  1. What a great BD you had, I’m glad it was fun and memorable. You are getting very clever with your photography. I’m impressed. A great day for a great friend!

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