Photos From the Earring Give-Away Winner

Cynthia Burkhardt, the winner of the free earring give-away, was kind enough to send me a couple of pictures of her wearing her new earrings.  Cynthia is a very talented professional art photographer.  Her website, Cynthia Burkhardt Creative Fine Art Photography and Imaging, is filled with her beautiful interpretations of her photographs.  We first got to know each other when we both had websites hosted by ArtSpan.    These pictures are the work of her husband, however.  It’s difficult, if not impossible, to take good photos of yourself wearing earrings.  Believe me, I’ve tried!  No way!



Cynthia Burkhardt with earrings from Linda Landig's give away

Cynthia looking lovely in her new earrings.


Here’s what Cynthia had to say about her new earrings:  “I got the earrings and they are MORE gorgeous than the photos!!!! …. I LOVE them!!!! Thank you ♥ …Tell everyone how happy I am with them!!!”


Cynthia Burkhardt, photographer,  wearing earrings from Linda Landig

Close-up of Cynthia wearing her new earrings


4 thoughts on “Photos From the Earring Give-Away Winner

  1. LOL!! Love the post Linda! Appreciate the link to my photography, and I am crazy about these earrings! They are beautiful, high quality craftmanship and materials and I highly recommend your beautifuly jewelry! I have my eye on other pieces…!!

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