Monday Meanderings: Mushroom Season

{Monday Meanderings:  Musings & Observations  From Beyond the Bead Studio}

 If you missed the Michael’s Necklace Revealing, you can still enjoy the fun.  Just click on Lorelei’s Reader Challenge  and you’ll find not only the necklace I designed, but also links to everyone else who took the challenge.  I was grinning like a fool all day on Sunday as I hopped from blog to blog, marveling at each person’s creative vision.  Truly amazing!


Autumn is mushroom season in the Pacific Northwest and people in the know are out in the woods foraging for delectable treats.  My husband’s grandmother knew how to identify edible mushrooms and he can remember her going out to look for them.  I, on the other hand, can’t tell a toadstool from a mushroom, but I can forage for mushrooms with my camera.  So get down on your hands and knees with me and let’s see what we can find.

foggy view from my back deck
This was the view from my back deck this morning – perfect misty mushroom weather.
large reddish mushroom

I saw mushrooms similar to this at the Farmers Market. They were called Lobster Mushrooms.


red curled mushroom

This was nestled in the grass at the edge of the woods by our front gate.

brown mushroom and dandelion

This one looks like a Portobello to me---but I wouldn't dare try it out!

pointed brown mushrooms

I love the little peaked caps!

two little white mushrooms

These two mushrooms are ghost white and frail looking.

Gills from below a white mushroom
Look how tender the gills are. It doesn’t look strong enough to survive the light of day.

People tell us to “Look up!” or “Hold your head high!”, but perhaps, sometimes, we should look down.  There is humble beauty all around us.


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