Earrings Galore!

All my lucky stars must have been in perfect alignment 2 days ago.  I went outside with my camera and earrings and almost all my pictures came out clear and true.  That almost never happens.

I’ve been researching new cameras to help push my luck in the right direction. I visited a very helpful camera store on Thursday, where I got to try out different models and I spent much of today researching cameras online. If you come back in a day or two I will have posted which camera I have finally chosen.   I can hardly wait!

In the meantime, here are several earrings that are new at LindaLandigJewelry.  Some of the earrings were just made this week, some are a little older, but I didn’t have pictures of them until now.  Enjoy all the pretties!  (click on the picture for more info)

faceted amethyst earings with purple and blue Swarovski crystals

Deep purple amethyst earrings with lavender and sky-blue Swarovski crystals

These are so glam! And purple is a hot fashion color just now!

Art Glass, Bali Silver and Coin Pearl Earrings

Luminous Lampwork Glass, Bali Silver and Coin-shaped Pearl Earrings

I love the luscious amber and cranberry handmade glass in these earrings.  I highlighted it with matching Swarovski crystals.  The coin pearls are just pure lux!

Hand faceted lampwork glass in pink and clear earrings with coin pearls and sterling silver

Earrings of beautiful hand faceted artisan glass in pink and clear with coin shaped pearls and sterling silver

The handmade glass beads in these earrings simply glows with layers of colors in pink, fuchsia and clear.  When combined with the white coin-shaped pearls, the earrings are really elegant.  The glass in both pairs of  earrings, above, comes from Beads and Botanicals.

Carved serpentine earrings with poppy jasper and sterling silver

Carved serpentine and poppy jasper earrings

I grabbed this carved serpentine right away at a bead show a few years ago–it is so unusual.  I’ve never seen beads carved like these again.  I love the serpentine paired with the brick-red of the poppy jasper.  Cool!

Black porcelain earrings, hand painted with pink and white flowers

Black porcelain frames, with hand painted flowers and pink Swarovski crystals

Just check out those pretty hand painted flowers.  Aren’t they adorable?  Always being on the look-out for the most unusual beads is half the fun of designing beaded jewelry and the thrill of discovering a “find” is like a little rush for me.   I want you to feel  unique and treasured when you wear my designs, so I go out of my way to find those unique treasures for you.

As photo-luck was with me, I took lots of earring pictures.  But I think this is enough to share for today.  I’m sure there will be a steep learning curve with my new camera, but hopefully, then,  I’ll have photo-luck almost every day!

6 thoughts on “Earrings Galore!

    • Thanks, Charlene!
      One can have the best jewelry in the world, but if the photo quality is poor, you might as well forget about sharing work online. That’s why I’m constantly trying to improve my pictures.

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