congratulations letter for juried art show.

It’s that busy time of year for anyone involved with holiday art shows.  I just received this letter this week and after pumping my arm in the air and shouting  “Yes!” , I quickly shifted to thinking about what I need to do to get ready.  I am going to be in both shows, so that’s four days of sales.  That’s quite a bit of inventory to have ready.  But I have a month to prepare so all is well. 

What Are Your Favorites?

I’m interested to know what your favorite jewelry purchases are for the holidays.  Do you prefer to buy earrings, bracelets or necklaces as gifts?  Word Press (my blog host) has a way to create a poll, so I’ll try to set one up.  But you can just leave a comment here, too.  Also, if you are a jewelry designer, which of these three do you find sells best for you?  As I design new pieces, I’ll keep your feedback in mind.

Juried Submissions

The application process for these shows required each person to submit three digital images of their work.  All the art work received was then judged by a jury of 3-4 independent artists.  These are the pieces I submitted.  The lampwork sand dollars are by Daniel Caracas of Beads and Botanicals.  The polymer clay Tiger Lily bead is by Heather Powers of Humble Beads.

Bracelet with lampwork glass

Art show necklace submission

Polymer Clay Bracelet for Art Show Submission


2 thoughts on “Accepted!

  1. You know, I find that just when I think I’m getting a sense of what sells well, what people want, etc., then I’ll do a show and my theories are turned upside down. Sometimes what I think will sell quickly NEVER seems to sell, and other pieces I consider leaving home sells right away, and I get an order for another. So the only advice I have for you is to make some of each, with your artistic instinct as your guide.
    I’m SO excited for you, Linda. I plan to come and see your show and cheer you on. The items you submitted for the juried selection are some of my favorites. And the felt beads are definitely growing on me.

    • Thanks Lee Anne. It is hard to predict, isn’t it? My instinct is that earrings and bracelets will sell the best, because they are usually less expensive than necklaces. But who knows? Thanks for wanting to come to the show. That’s so lovely of you!

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