Shop Handmade For The Holidays

Black Friday – Done

Black Friday has come and gone.  We’ve braved the crowds and perhaps we’ve purchased the electronics gifts we wanted at great discounts.  Whew.  I’m glad that’s over!

Now we can pull up a chair at home, sip our favorite beverage and take advantage of the great online deals being offered for Cyber Monday.    You won’t get pushed and shoved by the crowds, but big companies are still trying to shove you in the direction of their online deals.

cermaic pendant, lampwork glass necklace with pearls, sterling silver
Artisan pendant (by Marsha Neal), handmade glass necklace with pearls, sterling silver

Shop Handmade For The Holidays

I’d like to ask you to consider the value of artisan-made gifts for your loved ones.  Artisan made products make incredible gifts for your friends and family.  Why?  There may be some reasons you have not considered.

  1. The recipient of the handmade gift receives something that was made with heart, skill and passion.  Can you say that about a large scale manufactured product?  Your handmade gift was made with love and it speaks the language of love when you give it to someone you care about.
  2. Handmade gifts are one of a kind or small scale products.  Your friend won’t go out to dinner and find someone wearing the same earrings as the ones you have given her.  The hand-tooled leather journal that you give your brother will be as unique as the thoughts he records in it.
  3. Buying handmade helps us connect to the source of our purchases.  Usually the artist has a story to tell about what they have created.  Perhaps what inspired them or what they learned by making the piece you are purchasing.  The gift you purchase from an artisan is more than the tangible product.  It will always hold the connection you made with the artist and the story they shared about their work.
  4. We all know what tough economic times these are.  When you purchase a handmade gift you are supporting a real person (not a big company) who is trying to make a go of it with the skills of their hands and the creativity in the heart.
  5. You are making not only the gift recipient happy, but also the artisan.  Speaking for myself, I get a happiness boost with every sale.  It’s not so much the money (although that helps-see #4 above).  It’s the affirmation.  I’m like a little kid.  “Wow, someone liked what I made!”  The thought of my jewelry at large in the world, making the wearer feel more beautiful fills me with happiness!  I’ve talked to other artists, from painters to ceramicists to fabric artists.  They all glow with the thought that the work of their hands is bringing joy to others.
handmade pendant and handmade glass bead necklace with pearls

Close up of handmade pendant and handmade glass bead

So please consider shopping handmade this holiday season.  Cyber Monday is a great day to do so online, because many people are offering great deals.  I have everything in my shop marked 15% off and I always offer free shipping and a gift box.  You can browse for all kinds of artisan work at ArtFire.  You can even narrow your search, such as “gifts for men” or “red bracelets” etc.

I also encourage you to visit local art shows and bazaars.  That’s what I’m about to do.  As soon as I hit the “publish” button on this post, I’m heading downtown to a street fair to see what our local artisans have to offer.

By the way, don’t forget to leave a comment so you can be entered in my free earring give away!  Tomorrow is the last day!


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