Monday Meanderings – Jellyfish!

{Monday Meanderings: Musings & Observations From Beyond the Bead Studio}

Jellyfish in Puget Sound

Jellyfish: beautiful or scary?  They are a bit of both to me.  I  got stung by a jellyfish in Mexico, so I’m quite frightened of them, but it is fascinating to watch them pumping water through their bodies as they pulse through the waters of Puget Sound.  I took a stroll on the boardwalk a few days ago and snapped these pictures.  I know the picture quality is grainy, but I was amazed that my simple point and shoot camera could capture  the jellyfish at all, in the deep green waters of south Puget Sound. 


View from the boardwalk:  Moon jellyfish

Moon jellyfish in South Puget Sound


Moon jellies — found worldwide —and common throughout Puget Sound, are named for their white, lunar shape.  They look like UFOs floating in an aquatic night sky.  Jellies existed before the dinosaurs.  They are such elegantly simple creatures, that you must admire the efficient engineering that enables them to thrive. 

Jellyfish are defined more by what they don’t have than what they do have.  They are 95% water.   They possess no blood,  bones, brain,  eyes, ears,  heart, lungs, gills,  fins, head, tail, or teeth. Their entire To-Do list consists of drifting, feeding  and reproducing.  Click on this link for more  fascinating facts about the jellyfish of Puget Sound.

Moon jellyfish moving sideways, near Olympia, WA

Living the simple life in South Puget Sound

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