Fine Arts & Crafts Show – 1st Weekend

Winter Fine Arts & Crafts Show

I had a blast at the  first weekend of the Winter Fine Arts and Crafts Show.  We do another show next weekend and then that’s it for this holiday season.  If you live in my area, I invite you to come to the second show Dec. 11-12., at the Abigail Stewart House in Olympia.  I’m also always glad to have informal open houses, if people would like to do some personalized shopping at my home. 

This show went much better for me than the first one I did last summer.  I made some booth display changes that I think helped and I also was more aware of the need  to offer jewelry at a variety of price points.  I sold mostly bracelets and earrings, but to my delight, some of my more expensive necklaces also found new homes.   I will be writing some blog posts soon, where I’ll share with you some of the things I successfully changed and learned from doing this show.

My booth at the Fine Arts and Crafts Show

My jewelry booth at the art show.

Linda Landig's jewelry booth at the art show

Delightful Company!

One of the best things about doing a show like this is the opportunity to get to know other artists in the community.  I am fortunate that I live in a very creatively gifted town.  I  enjoyed spending time with each of these two wonderful artists and many more:

Black and white ceramics, with a punch of red

Inventive ceramics in the booth to my right

Stuffed animals at the art fair

This artist has a Dr. Seuss-like imagination when it comes to stuffed animals, hats and scarves.

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