What is Santa Bringing?

Something New For The Studio

Santa is bringing something new for the studio and I have to clear out a large space for it.  But until it arrives, where will I put all the bead storage that used to be in this space to the right?

Cleaning out my bead studio

There was a LOT of junk, er, bead storage in that space to the right.  I opened the folding table I use for shows, and put most of the stuff there,  with some of the over-flow landing on the guest bed behind the table.  It looks like a disaster!  I hate this mess, but it will be so-o-o worth it when Santa unpacks his sleigh in my bead room.  Note the glass of wine in the foreground, helping me to steady my nerves until I can complete this reorganization project.

bead studio reorganization

Folding table used for temporary storage.


Studio reorganization

Guest bed piled high with bead storage units and misc. junk.

Even my work table is piled with debris.  Awk!

messy jewelry worktableDid Santa bring you anything that will support or enhance your creative efforts?  Tell us about it  in the comment section!


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