The Ultimate Bead Organizer!

A Gift That Didn’t Fit Under The Tree

In What is Santa Bringing? I wrote that I was clearing a space for a BIG gift from Santa.  Well, here it is!  Santa, (aka my wonderful husband and my father) gave me an amazing antique printers cabinet!  This solid oak Hamilton printers cabinet  is approximately 100 years old. Its 18 drawers are divided into many small sections which were originally used to hold letterpress type.  The many sections are a beader’s dream come true!  I can organize so many beads here.  Oh my, I am in heaven!   Well, I’d better get to work!  My bead stash has been growing faster than my storage capacities and now everything will have its own little space!  *Jumping up & down with joy!*

100 Year Old Hamilton Oak Printers Cabinet

Antique Oak Hamiton Printers Cabinet

Just look at all those wonderful sections for my beads!

Antique Hamilton Printers Cabinet

I LOVE you, Santa!

32 thoughts on “The Ultimate Bead Organizer!

  1. omg it’s so beautiful! you found a really great one, the nicer models like this are hard to find, or cost a ton!

    • Lorelei- Yah, it was pricey. That’s one reason I was hesitating at first. But I’m glad you gave me the push I needed to make the decision. It really is awesome. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Linda, I have never seen one of these, but it looks exactly as I had it pictured in my mind. What a great way to organize your beads. Wilma

    • Wilma- I first heard of printers cabinets on another beader’s blog. Hers looked so cool! A friend of mine likes to go browsing for antiques and we found this about a month of ago. I never would have bought it for myself, but Hans wanted to get it for me. I really love it!

  3. I’ve seen something similar in a bead shop a few years ago…they are pretty hard to find and when you do find one…hundreds of dollars! It’s very, very nice!!! I LOVE it! Congrats on getting this totally AWESOME present from your husband!!!!

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  5. Hey Linda, I’ve been eying your cabinet for a while now, waiting and searching for my own. I finally got one last week. Mine looks similar to yours too, so excited, did your hubby have to clean it out or did he get it already cleaned? I’m going through and removing my oil paper linings and still want to clean it out since I wouldn’t want to get lead dust on my precious beads. Any tips on cleaning it if he had to restore it himself. Here’s a few pics of mine:

    • Your cabinet is beautiful!! I’m so excited for you! Shows what I know, though, I lets the liner in the drawers that have it. Now I want to remove it like you did. It looks so much better in your pictures. We didn’t do any cleaning–just loaded it up! Be sure to let me know when you post pictures of it filled with beady goodness!

      • Aw thanks! Yeah mine was quite dirty, looks like yours is still pretty clean, there are all types of cobwebs, and white and yellow dust, and black lead dust in it, plus I think they said there may have been a mouse nest once a long long time ago lol. So mine needed some work. I wish I could fast forward to the bead organizing part lol. I hope I’m done in another two weeks.

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