Bead Table Wednesday – BTW Jan. 12, 2011

BTW – A New Regular Feature

Bead Table Wednesday

Every Wednesday a group of beaders are sharing what’s on their bead tables.  We have a BTW Flickr group and many of us are blogging about it as well.  To learn more, or to join, go to Heather Powers’ blog Humble Beads.

A look at my bead table

My bead table on Wed. Jan. 12th

I have this wedding necklace on my bead table today.

Artisan Wedding Fair

Nearly 75 Art Fire shops have come together to put on an Artisan Wedding Fair from Jan. 17th through the end of the month. Everything in my shop will be 10% off during this event.  Our blog,  Artisan Wedding Fair , has lots of helpful hints for planning your wedding. Beginning January 17th it will have live links to nearly 75 artisan shops where you can find everything from handmade wedding invitations to wedding attire to table toppers and more!

A Wedding Necklace

This is a necklace I’m working on for that event. I’ve used tip-drilled white fresh water pearls, oval freshwater pearls and little, softly faceted sterling silver beads.  I haven’t added the clasp yet, but it will be the heart-shaped clasp that you can see to the right.

If you are not a beader, you may be wondering what those metal thingies are at the ends of the necklace.  They are called Bead Stoppers and they prevent the beads from rolling off the wire before the clasp is added.  I love them!  I can’t tell you how many times I used to have beads fall off the wire and roll all over the floor before Bead Stoppers were invented.

I hope you will visit the Artisan Wedding Fair blog and if you know someone who is getting married, please point them in our direction!

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