Bead Table Wednesday ~ BTW Jan. 19, 2011

BTW:  Secrets!

This is my second BTW (Bead Table Wednesday) blog post.  The idea of BTW is to let readers get a peak at what is on your bead table at the moment. I love taking a virtual look at others’ work in progress.  The only problem is that I’ve got two secret projects underway today.

two wooly sheep

Psst, can you keep a secret?

Soup’s On – Secret Project #1

Lori Anderson, of Pretty Things, is hosting a Bead Soup Blog Party.  She has paired all the participants and we will be exchanging packages of pendants, fancy clasps and accent beads.  The idea is to stretch our creative muscles by designing with beads that someone else has chosen for us.

I am so happy that my Bead Soup partner is Elisabeth Auld of Beads For Busy Gals.  Elisabeth designs beautiful jewelry which is available in her Etsy shop, Beads For Busy Gals.  She also has a delightful blog.  I encourage you to check it out.

Little Bit Naughty Red Velvet and Black Chain Necklace

Multi-strand necklace by Elisabeth Auld.

So what’s the big secret?   The beads I will be sending  to Elisabeth were all laid out on my bead table, this morning. I would have liked to photograph them for BTW before I popped them in the mail, but I want the beads to be a surprise for Elisabeth, so no peeking ‘till after they arrive at her doorstep.  We’re keeping a secret from Elisabeth.

Lorelei Fusion Challenge – Secret Project #2

This is the third challenge from Lorelei that I have done.  All the participants in Lorelei’s challenge purchased the same beads, clasp and leather cord from Fusion Beads in Seattle.  We can supplement these components with anything we want from our stash.  It is always amazing to me that 40 people working with mostly the same beads will design such a diverse body of work!  It such a treat to see everyone’s creations!

So what’s the secret here?  I can’t reveal my final design until January 21st, even though that is what is on my bead table today.  So here’s a tiny peak from when I was just laying out the beads and starting to experiment with different arrangements.

Bead Table Wednesday

I’m about a third of the way done with it now, and I will say that I’m loving how it is turning out!  Come back on the 21st to see the end result and visit all the participating jewelry blogs.

This week’s BTW was kind of a tease, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway!  To see everyone’s BTW pictures, visit our BTW Flickr Group.

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