Fusion Bead Challenge

The Challenge

About 20 readers of Lorelei Eurto’s blog, Inside The Studio, are participating in a jewelry challenge.    We all bought the same beads, green leather cord and a cool pewter owl clasp from Green Girl Studio.  We could then add any other components that we wished.  Today we are revealing what we created.

Fusion Bead ChallengeGreen necklace with pewter owl toggle clasp

I was able to find all the items for the Challenge except the Lucite leaves.  So I just substituted some glass leaves that I already had in my stash.  I added some green tab-shaped glass beads which I found at Michaels when I was shopping for our last Challenge.  The color is the same green as the lichen that hangs from the trees in the woods behind our house.  The tabs also have pretty amber highlights and I liked the wavy surface texture. I echoed those amber highlights with ochre colored wood discs.  The only other thing I added were two twisted wire gunmetal colored rings.

Pewter clasp from Green Girl Studios

I used two strands of the teardrop shaped beads, to give a fuller texture.  Then I merged the two strands as they go through the glass  tab beads and the wood beads.  I wired the leaves near the gunmetal rings.

Fusion Bead Challenge necklaceThe challenge, for me, came with using the leather cord.  I had rarely used leather before and I wasn’t sure I could get the knots seated closely enough to the beads and looking neat.  But I think I pulled it off OK.   I’m quite pleased with how this turned out and I am anxious to visit all the other blogs to see everyone else’s designs.  Come blog hop with me.    Enjoy!




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18 thoughts on “Fusion Bead Challenge

  1. Turned out great!! The toggle is a great focal isn’t it!??

    Be sure to add the blog list to your post- it’s updated on my blog this morning.

  2. I had some matching green suede so I didn’t buy the leather then realized it would never got through any of the beads! You did a great job! Happy Hopping : )

  3. I think your necklace is lovely. I really enjoyed reading how you used all of the materials. It is so interesting to see how you used the tiny drops. You did it beautifully. Great piece. thanks for sharing all the details.

  4. What a lovely necklace! I love how it all flows beautifully together. And like you, the challenge for me was knotting the leather cord 😉 But yours worked out perfectly!

  5. Very pretty and fun! I love how casual this is; it could work with any number of outfits and for almost any occasion. That’s important for a piece of jewelry. Such an upbeat design!

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