After The Party

 Thank you!

I wanted to thank everyone who visited my blog for the Bead Soup Party Reveal.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone’s creations and reading the comments you left on my blog.  It means a lot to me that you took the time to leave your thoughts here.  I felt encouraged in my creative efforts. 

I also was greatly pleased that several people commented on the quality of my photos.  That was a surprise that really delighted me.  Photographing my jewelry has been hugely frustrating to me, but I’ve just had dogged determination to get it right–or at least better.  Ask my husband about the huge hissy fit I threw about year and a half ago when he was trying to give me photo tips and nothing was going the way I wanted it to.  For awhile after that he kept a safe distance from me whenever I had a camera in hand!  Bless him!

Obviously too much partying can lead to  a hangover and although the Bead Soup Party didn’t involve any adult beverages, I still felt pretty wiped out the next morning.  I slept late and had trouble accomplishing much all day.  By Monday, I had a cold and although my sinuses feel better today, I’m still really dragging. 

Nevertheless, I did manage to add a few new earrings to my Art Fire Studio.

Blown Glass Earrings
Blown Glass Earrings

I love these striking cobalt blue earrings.  They are hollow, blown glass and have pretty sterling silver bead caps on the bottoms.  They would make a statement with jeans and a sweater and would also be striking with dressier attire.

Black glass bead earrings

I love the warm color of copper and paired with these black and copper beads, you have a winning combination.  I love the curved copper wafers at the bottoms of these earrings!

Sodalite, Amethyst and Sterling Silver Earrings

Sodalite, Amethyst and Sterling Silver Earrings

Sodalite is a navy blue stone that is sometimes called the poor man’s lapis lazuli.  I paired it here with lovely faceted amethyst roundels and tiny glass accents.  These earrings are so pretty and versatile that you could wear them for almost any occasion.

I hope you have an awesome weekend.  On Wednesday, we are looking forward to a visit from my brother, who will be up our way, from L.A., on business.


4 thoughts on “After The Party

  1. I’m not the best at commenting on blogs, but just wanted you to know how much fun it was to attend the Bead Soup Party via your blog, Linda! It was so inspiring to journey to the different blogs & check out everyone’s creations with your blog as my home base. Thank you for sharing!

    Had a giggle about your hubby trying to give you photography tips. My husband of nearly 30 years still tries to ‘fix’ things for me too 🙂 Your photos always look great, Linda!

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