Second Saturday – Printers Cabinet Progress

Second Saturday State Of Your Studio

Printers Cabinet Progress Update

Beads of Clay Blog hosts Second Saturday State Of Your Studio.  Participating bloggers give a glimpse into our studios and current projects we have underway.  I missed the Second Saturday State Of Your Studio post for February, but I’m working on Spring cleaning in March!

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to de-cutter my studio and my life.  It’s a year-long project.  The Hamilton printers cabinet that I received for Christmas has been a big help.  I had many un-housed beads that were cluttering every surface of my studio. I’ve taken all my faceted and special shaped gemstones and pearls and placed them in  drawers in the printers cabinet.  The rest still reside in drawer units I bought at IKEA a number of years ago.

Using a Hamilton printers cabinet for bead organization

small compartments in printers cabinet with pearls Now here is here is the organizational work I am most proud of.  There are about 7 drawers with very small compartments.  Before we bought the printers cabinet, I checked to see if tic-tac style boxes would fit in the compartments.  Perfect!  So I have purchased a couple hundred of these babies and filled them with my seed beads, fire polish and crystals.

This was a very time-consuming task.  Every time I thought I was all done, more seed beads would show their ugly little faces, buried in some remote place in my studio.  Then I’d have to buy more tic-tac boxes and continue organizing.  This was further complicated by the fact that I couldn’t find any tic-tac boxes locally and had to go to a town about 30 miles north of us.  Worse than that, three times,  when I got home and opened the packaging I found that all the boxes had cracks in them.  So I had to go north again and exchange them.  But its done now and I love it.

The colors in the drawers are arranged by the color wheel.  Here is a close up of some of the blues.  There are compartments for seed beads, fire polish and crystals here.

using a hamilton printers cabinet to organize seed bead, and crystalsMy bead room companion, Chochi, joined me while I was taking these pictures.

My dog, Chochi laying next to the Hamilton printers cabinet.By getting my studio better organized and making many runs to Goodwill, I have been able to eliminate 4 of these white plastic drawer units, the purple rolling cart and a large  wooden bookcase!

Be sure to visit the other blogs in the Second Saturday State of Your Studio group.  Its fun to see what everyone is up to.

Plastic storage units with three drawersfour drawer rolling storage unit


10 thoughts on “Second Saturday – Printers Cabinet Progress

  1. Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I LOVE your printer’s cabinet! I currently have all my beads in plastic cases in a wall cabinet…not the best thing in the world but the containers were cheap and it keeps them out of site 🙂

  2. I love love love your printer’s cabinet! It looks like it will hold gobs & gobs of beads 🙂
    I have the rolling plastic drawers & have used these containers for beads since I started making jewelry: They work perfect for organizing my beads because I have always made dainty gemstone jewelry. Now that jewelry styles are bigger & bolder, I have started collecting larger beads & focal pieces which no longer fit into my cute little vials & boxes 😦 .

  3. Hi Linda! Thanks for the organization inspiration ~ Nice printers cabinet – I have a little printer’s box that I keep my ceramic beads in. It’s not nearly as large as the one you have. Very cute bead room companion. 🙂 Happy spring cleaning! Lisa

  4. Oh – I love seeing how you are organizing your beads. I SO want one of those cabinets for my beads. Isn’t it amazing how getting the beads arranged by color, all in one place makes you more creative? Frees up so much more time in the long run! Way to GO!!! Thanks for posting up on BOC too!

  5. I love your printers cabinet. I have a number of the printers drawers but they are so big I can only keep one out at a time. You really got organized. Marsha is so right that getting cleaned up and organized inspires creativity. But once I get going making I don’t seem to mind. It is just when I start a new project and have to spend time finding things that I vow to clean up. I do have my seed beads organized in little boxes and tubes and those in larger boxes by color. That is a must. You must feel so free and easy now. I am so pleased you joined in on the Beads of Clay 2nd Saturday posts.

  6. You have a cabinet too!! Aren’t they fantastic! I love mine but I have to say you are much more organized than I am. I try to keep one for Red, one for Turquoise, one for wood and bone and for the most part one for yellow or any other color I have enough to devote a drawer to but I have other drawers that have lots of different stuff in them. Organizing is tough no matter what!

  7. Hey Linda! I received my printers cabinet on Tuesday and I cleaned it all day on Wednesday….along with a friend! What a job!!! We cleaned and sprayed each drawer and compartment with satin lacquer so the old ink stains would not transfer to the beads, I started to put beads in today I don’t know where to start! I love this cabinet….it is going to make designing so much faster now that I can find things! 🙂

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