Monday Meanderings – Sorrow and Gratitude

 Last night when I was driving home from the grocery store, a large brindle pit bull mix dashed out in front of my car.  He bolted out so fast that I didn’t even see him.  I just heard the thunk of impact, saw him careen through the air and land on the other side of the road.  I slammed on the brakes and ran from the car screaming and crying.

Immediately a woman and two men were at my side, assuring me that it wasn’t my fault.  It had happened too fast.  The lady put her arms around me and I buried my head in her shoulder and sobbed.  One stranger comforting another. There had been two brindle dogs and the second one had run away, scared.  One man tried to follow it, hoping it would go home, so the owner could be told about the one I hit.  But the dog ran too fast, and the man couldn’t keep up.

The other man went to his car and got out those blue plastic gloves that doctors use and he moved the dog to the roadside.  I briefly wondered why those were in his car.  The lady made me sit down and she continued to hold me.  It turned out that she was a doctor and she was worried that I was in shock and shouldn’t drive.  We called my husband, but he was out in the garden and didn’t hear the phone.  I told her that I’d be OK to drive the rest of the way home, but she insisted that she should drive me home in my car and her husband would follow and bring her back. She said a person’s judgment can be impaired when they are in shock.

So, in addition to the time they spent with me and the dying dog, they added another half hour to their day by driving to my house and then back to where they’d started when the accident occurred.  When I got out of the car at my house, the woman gave me a hug before she and her husband drove off.

I only know her first name; that she is a doctor and what her specialty is.  I will try to find her in the phonebook and thank her for her extraordinary kindness.  In the car she told me, that in light of what happened in Japan, if one person can’t reach out to another in need, than we really have nothing of worth.

I’m not going to write about the specific details of what happened to the dog that I hit, but the brutal images are burnt into my memory now. However, alongside that memory, is the memory of the kindness of strangers, who went out of their way to comfort me and assure my safety on the way home.

If you have a dog, please keep him/her in a fenced yard and keep your cats indoors.  Someone is grieving today because their beloved dog never came home last night.  Love your pets well–they give so much to us.

My rescue dog

"I love you, Chochi!" (my dog)

5 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings – Sorrow and Gratitude

  1. Oh Linda I am so sorry, and “In the car she told me, that in light of what happened in Japan, if one person can’t reach out to another in need, than we really have nothing of worth.” You are amazing. Thank you for sharing this, even though painful, so we can all be reminded. :/

  2. Linda, I am relieved that you had such a kind & caring “stranger” to be with when this happened to you. Thank you so much for sharing your story, it truly touched my heart. I hope you are feeling better today, but I know it will all take time & will never ever will be forgotten. Kisses & hugs for Chochi from me, I know that he has provided a great deal of comfort to you, now & always.

  3. When I had a particularly awful memory, a shrink told me to substitute something lovely every single time that memory came up and eventually that lovely thing would replace the awful thing. I think you are so fortunate that the lovely thing happened at the same time as the awful thing. What a frightening but also beautiful experience! Thank you for sharing it.

  4. A big hug to you, dear Linda! I know how it feels like. The same thing happened to me some years ago. It was very early in the morning; it was dark and the fog was so heavy, I could barely see where I was going…suddenly…such a beautiful dog in the middle of the road, just in front of my car, staring at me. But it was too late, visibility was so poor that I saw it when I was at 1cm from it. And crash…. 😦 Unfortunately I couldn’t stop, cos it was too dangerous…I couldn’t watch around me, I didn’t know if other cars were coming, so I had to go on. As soon as it got light, I drove back…but there was not a single trace of the dog. I felt bad for weeks and I still wonder if the dog died, if it was able to go back home etc etc 😦 So sad!

  5. Linda, I just today read your blog for the 1st time. Your pooch is very lucky to have you & visa versa! I came upon an injured black lab one day and stopped to see if I could help him. I found out his name, Jake, and offered to take him to the nearest clinic but the owners where not so caring. He died in my arms & I will never forget his shinny black coat and sweet sweet eyes. I named my black cat after him.

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