Monday Meanderings – Singing The Blues

Feeling a Little Blue

I’ve been feeling a little blue lately.  Nothing major,  just kind of melancholy.   I’ve also been feeling a bit over busy, so I just took a break today.  I brewed my favorite herbal peppermint tea and sat on the deck in the sunshine.  I thought the Vitamin D might do my mood some good!

Mug with running rats that says, "Welcome to the rat race."After sitting and sipping awhile, I took a stroll through the garden and snapped a couple of flower pictures.  Flowers nourish my soul.

Spring blooms in the garden

Pink Camila

Spring blooms in the garden

Pink current blossoms with a blue watering can.

Pink current blossoms with a blue watering can.

We’re doggy sitting a friend’s golden retriever while she is on vacation, so I had company during my garden sojourn.

two dogs:  McKenna & Chochi

McKenna & Chochi in our garden.

I took a nap this afternoon and now I’m feeling better.

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Do you sometimes slide into a slump?  What do you do when you need to recharge your batteries?

4 thoughts on “Monday Meanderings – Singing The Blues

  1. Definitely have those slumps. This winter was the worst because of the cold and gray, so unlike here, and several other things. My remedy when I can get it: sitting in sunshine with my shadow dogs and just watching the beauty of Nature.

  2. We Pacific Northwest-ers know ‘blue mood’ all to well! Being out among nature is the best medicine for me too. I love a nice long walk in the woods. Your garden is lovely, Linda. Is that forget-me-not? They always remind me of my mother. Chochi looks like Cool McCool! I bet he is enjoying having a bud to hang out with.

  3. i get into those slumps on the days i DON’T get to teach! I fight them by reading a really good book or cleaning something! a long walk with a friend always helps, too! your photos of the flowers are so beautiful. xxx

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