Wild Sage

Wild Sage Earrings

In my New Goodies post I mentioned that I had purchased some awesome copper and brass components from Kristi Bowman of DreamSome.  Here’s the first pair of earrings that I made with her handmade copper Victoriana tab charms.
handmade earrings with sage green pearls and copperI hand-wired some sage green shell pearls to the copper charms and wrapped a curving copper wire across the front face of the pearls.  I’m totally in love with this color combination and the contrast of the shiny pearl luster and the rustic textured copper charms.

Wild Sage Earrings by Linda LandigWild Sage Back-Story

Although Washington is known as the “Evergreen State”, this moniker actually only applies to the western part of the state.  East of the Cascade Mountains is arid and desert-like, most accurately described as steppe.  We lived in eastern Washington for about 25 years.  The dry, brown hills that bordered our home were dotted everywhere with wild sagebrush. I loved to go horseback riding, with my neighbor, through those dry rolling hills. One time my horse spooked and tossed me off.  My “touch-down” was cushioned when I landed in the middle of a wild sagebrush. Lying in the sagebrush and looking up at my neighbor on her horse,  I burst out laughing.  The sage branches prevented injury and the only thing that was bruised was my ego.   The pearls in these earrings are the same color as that wild sage that softened my landing.  These Wild Sage Earrings are now available in my ArtFire Studio.

Mystery Plant

If you visited my “i heart macro” post on Sunday you may have wondered what the mystery plant was.  It is a Horsetail plant before the leaves unfurl.  We live in Western Washington now, near a protected wetland area and these Horsetails grow all over the place.  I thought the feathered brown “hairs” looked fascinating and I wanted to capture them in my macro shot.


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