Bead Table Wednesday: Lampwork Sets

Portland Saturday Market

On Saturday, my husband and I took a train down to Portland, Oregon and spent a pleasant day nosing around this delightful city.  It was National Train Day (more about that later), so there were some vintage trains in the depot that my husband wanted to see and photograph.  Later we ate lunch at a favorite deli and then we headed over to the Portland Saturday Market.  This is a huge outdoor market (like a farmers market, but just for artisans), that is open every weekend for 6 months a year.  I think it says a lot that a small city like Portland, has enough support for the handmade to have kept this lively market viable for the past 34 years!

There was lots to love at the Portland Saturday Market, but here’s what I came home with, that is on my work space this Bead Table Wednesday.  Aren’t these fun?  The lady who makes them doesn’t have a website, so I can’t provide a link for you.  Guess you’ll just have to head to Portland if you want some of these for yourself!

Lampwork glass beads

link to BTW Flickr group

I encourage you to visit the BTW Flickr group and  see what is happening on other bead tables.


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