The Dog Ate It!

The Dog Ate It!

That excuse used to work for incomplete homework.  Do you think it will fly for a missing blog post?

My dog, Chochi

I ate it? Who me?

Yesterday was the Do Over Blog Hop, hosted by Jeannie’s Blog.  I had signed up to participate in this fun challenge and then it completely got away from me.  In the past two and a half weeks, I’ve had 2 jewelry shows, a painful ear infection and the end of the quarter at the University of Washington, where I supervise student teaching interns.  I had to write-up detailed end-of-the quarter evaluations for each of the interns.  I guess I just couldn’t keep all the balls in the air at once and I dropped this one.  I feel so badly, because yesterday 104 blog hoppers visited my blog and found nothing!  I apologize, (hangs head).

I knew in my mind what I wanted to do for the challenge, so last night I tried to put it together quickly.  Ah, but haste makes waste and I wasn’t entirely happy with the results.  I have to finish up some paperwork for my teaching interns today, and then I will rework the parts of the necklace I wasn’t satisfied with and I hope to get it posted by this evening.  Please come back and take a look!


3 thoughts on “The Dog Ate It!

  1. Oh what an adorable picture of Chochi! (spelling?) Sometimes you just have to let the balls fall where they will hehe, life IS a juggling act! Take care and looking forward to seeing what you post about next, your blog is really a fun place Linda 🙂

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