2 Tips to Help with Craft or Art Shows

2 Tips For Jewelry Shows

I recently did 2 shows.  One was a home show, (look for a post about that soon) and one was a regular art and craft  show.  I’ve picked up 2  tips about transporting and displaying earrings that have really helped me with my shows, this year.  I’d like to pass those tips along to you now.

Jasper and twisted glass earrings, handmade

Pretzel Glass Earrings. Click on picture to go to this listing in my shop.

 Transporting  Earrings

Use Foil

I used to place my earring racks in plastic bags when transporting them to shows.  Inevitably earrings would fall off the rack and get tangled with other earrings.  I would have to waste valuable set-up time sorting them out and replacing them on the rack.  It was aggravating!  Does this happen to you?  Here’s the solution!  Just wrap your display rack in foil before you leave.  Gently press the foil close to your earrings.  Viola!  When you unwrap them at the show, all the earrings will be in place.  Save the foil, so you can re-wrap your earrings for the return trip home.

earrings, ready to transport to a showI believe I got this fab tip from Lori Anderson of Pretty Things.  Leave me a comment if I am wrong and I’ll set things right.

Encourage People to Linger Longer in Your Booth

Use Cellophane Bags

Lorelei Eurto posted pictures of her booth during the winter holiday season.  I noticed that most of her earrings were displayed on cards within cellophane bags.  I decided to give it a try.

Jewelry display at an Arts and Crafts showI used the earring rack (perched atop a basket) to grab people’s attention and then I had a wooden box, near the rack, that held about 35 pairs of earrings in cellophane bags.  This allowed me to offer more earrings without taking up a lot of space.

cellophane bags of earrings on displayThe bonus I hadn’t anticipated, however, was that people enjoyed flipping through the box of earrings.  They stayed in my booth longer.  This gave them more opportunities to discover other jewelry there, as well a chance for me to engage them in a little conversation.  I sold lots of earrings, too!  It’s good to have back up earrings to replace those sold out of your box, or bring along a smaller box or basket, which you can transfer your earrings to, when your supply dwindles.  You want to avoid having an empty looking display.

handmade earrings by Linda Landig

Lampwork glass by Beads and Botanicals, onyx, sterling silver. Click on the picture to go to the listing.

What tricks of the trade have you learned?  We can all learn so much from one another! I love comments.  Keep the conversation going!

5 thoughts on “2 Tips to Help with Craft or Art Shows

  1. The cello bag look great. I’m going to try them. I display in a similar way (tabletop rounder) that makes people stay in my booth longer as well. The added benefit is that, as we know, a crowd creates a crowd. Anything a vendor can do to make people stand in his/her booth is going to draw attention. Should I have publicly divulged that? Thanks for the idea.

  2. It’s been a while since you posted this, but I wanted to thank you for these tips. Especially the latter one, I was looking for a way to make my display easier on myself, I will definately use this in my upcoming craft show!

  3. I love the tip about putting extra earrings in the cello bags. Can you tell me what size your bags were? A lot of them have the measurements and when you seal them they are smaller, want to make sure my earrings cards will fit in them like yours did. Thanks!

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