A Little Something: Bead Donation

Denver Refugee Women’s Craft Initiative

My friend, Janet, of Pink Poppy Studios, told me that she had donated some of her unwanted beads to the Denver Refugee Women’s Craft Initiative, also known as A Little Something.   According to their website:

“A Little Something came about in the summer of 2007 when refugee women in a literacy-level English class in Denver, Colorado asked how they—a group of stay-at-home mothers—could earn their own money from their own work. “

Neighborhood groups of women now meet together to create crafts, learn new business and craft skills  and support one another.  The women in the program earn 75 percent of the selling price of their items. The rest of the money goes back into the business to purchase supplies.

I was needing to weed through my over-vast bead collection too.  So I decided to follow Janet’s lead.  I gathered up all these beads, (plus a few more). I sent them all off to a Little Something yesterday.

donation for Denver Refugee Women's Craft Initiative

You don’t have to be a beader to contribute to A Little Something.   In addition to  leftover or unwanted beads or jewelry-making supplies, they also welcome weaving fiber, knitting needles, or natural fiber yarn.  They do point out that they do not use acrylic or nylon yarn.  You can also make cash donations to their cause.  So if you are doing some spring cleaning of your crafty endeavors, this may be just the destination you need for your unwanted supplies.  It was just what I needed!

5 thoughts on “A Little Something: Bead Donation

  1. Linda, this is a great post and a very nice cause! I will keep in mind and save it to favorites. Because I am sure I could do a clean up in my bead drawers and come up with beads to send them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We just stumbled across this blog post. Thank you for sharing about A Little Something. We are thankful for EVERY donation we receive and would not be able to change the lives of refugee women without kind people like you!

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