Happy Blogversary!

Linda’s Bead Blog is 1 Year Old Today

I started this blog right after I retired, in June, last year.  My very first post was called Jess Blue, named after my friend, chainmail artist, Jessica Burnett‘s  favorite color.

blown glass teardrop shaped earrings

Blown Glass, Cobalt Blue Swirl Earrings.

At the time, I had no idea about the inner workings of WordPress.  I had to figure out how to post pictures, add tags, categories, blog rolls, links and widgets.  It all seemed so overwhelming!  I didn’t know how to edit my posts, publish a post on a different day than  it was written, create headings, lists or make the body of a quote indented.

carved rose quartz flower pendant on a pink handmade necklace.

Floral Cascade Necklace

I was a Facebook newbie then and had never tweeted, but now I create links to both Facebook and Twitter for every post.  I’ve joined Creating The Hive, which also publishes my blogs.  My Muffin Tin Challenge post was one of their featured posts this week.

bracelet of polymer clay, turquoise, felt, ceramic and glass

Bracelet of polymer clay, turquoise, felt, ceramic and glass, with a copper clasp.

In October, 1000 Markets was sold and I had to quickly find a new venue for my jewelry.  Fortunately a friend pointed me to Artfire.  I blogged about the trauma of loosing 1000 Markets and my transition to ArtFire.  I’ve grown to love ArtFire now and the venue just keeps getting better all the time.  Look for a whole new appearance for the studios in 3-4 weeks.  The changes coming up are truly exciting!

handmade necklace with castle pendant, lampwork glass and gemstones

Castle in The Sky Necklace

A year ago I had only a handful of online friends that weren’t also “in-person friends”.  Now I’m blessed with a whole community of friends, many of whom are beaders; but there are also other artisans and fine artists, as well as many wonderful non-artisans.  This community of friendship and support has become the most important part of this experience for me.  It is hard to find words to express what this has meant to me, both in terms of my growth as an artisan and for me personally.  I humbly thank each person who has taken the time to connect with me, through this blog or on Facebook.  I send a virtual hug to each of you.

I’m looking forward to the years ahead with you.

Ceramic heart necklace

Spiral Heart Necklace. Ceramic pendant by Yolanda's Clay.

•✿•✿• ✿•✿•

When you start a blog, you have no idea if anyone will visit, or if you’ll be able to keep up with posting regularly.  Here’s a mini-summary of the first year.

# of posts:  132

# of comments:  A little over 800

# of Bead Challenges I’ve participated in:  About 6

# of items in my ArtFire Studio at this time: 66

11 thoughts on “Happy Blogversary!

  1. Congratulations Linda, that was quite a learning journey, you should be so proud of all you have accomplished. I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful beady creations and photos of all the get- a- ways, Its been a real pleasure getting to know you.. and I am looking forward to more… Rosie

  2. Happy Blogiversary Linda – I so rememebr having that ” what if I wrote and no one comes” feeling – I too have come to love blogging and never thought I would be so enthusiastic! It’s a little world I get to escape to every day!

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