Turquoise-Hued Earrings

Earrings with Charm

I recently purchased some delightful handmade metal charms and beads from Miss Fickle Media.  Shannon LeVart, the artist behind Miss Fickle Media, is well known for her rustic metal components and unique patinas.  These are the first two earrings I’ve designed with her metal charms.

I made this first pair on the Summer Solstice and I decided that would be the perfect name for them.  The carnelian looks like a blazing sun and the brass dangles with their turquoise patina could be the sky in which that sun is hanging.  Summer Solstice Earrings:

handmade carnelian, brass and sterling silver earrings

I love the artsy elegance of this next pair.  I call them “Wave Earrings“, because the textured pattern reminds me of waves or ripples on a river bed.  The charms are made of brass with a verdigris patina.  I paired them with amazonite, which I wired with a graceful swoop of copper across the face of the amazonite bead.

Wave earrings, brass and amazonite, handmade

handmade earrings of brass and amazonite

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