FUSION Summer Arts Festival 2011


The FUSION  Summer Arts Festival, a fundraiser for homeless housing, took place on August 3rd.  This year’s theme was called Fantasia and it featured food and performing arts from several Asian countries.  On the stage were traditional songs and dance from Japan, and Chinese drumming and a dragon dance, to name a few.  Surrounding the stage and dinning tables were artist’s booths–including mine!

This was the first outdoor show that I had ever done, and to be truthful, I was quite nervous.  My friends, lampwork artists,  Jenelle Aubade and Dan Caracas loaned me their tent.  Another friend of mine (pictured below, on the left) helped me at the show.  I was especially grateful for her assistance in setting up and taking down the booth,  but she also kept me company throughout the show, helped customers and calmed my pre-show jitters.

Jewelry booth at the Fusion fundraiser for the homelessThis was also the first time that I had ever had two display tables.  I worried that I wouldn’t have enough jewelry and display pieces to really fill two tables.  It was a little sparse, but not embarrassingly so. I need signage and more jewelry busts, I think.  Other ideas?  I’d love feedback on how to improve my booth from those of you with more experience than I–or anyone with an idea!  Be honest!

I had laid out my camera to bring along with me, but somehow neglected to pick it up when I loaded up the car.  (*Curses under her breath*)  Jerry, the nice guy in the booth next to mine, took these two pictures and emailed them to me the next day.  If I’d had my camera along, I would have shown you pictures of some of the performers and the other booths.

My jewelry booth at a fundraiser for the homelessI used Picnik photo editing to make my first(!) blog collage to show you a few of the items that sold.

bracelets, earrings and a necklace that sold this weekAs you can see, there is no particular trend here.  There’s dressy, casual, elegant, funky, sterling silver, copper, gunmetal, and brass.  I sold an absolutely wild, bright green and black, huge necklace to an artist before the show even started.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it to show you.  It was so-o-o big, spiky and nearly-florescent green, that I thought it would never sell.  It had been passed over at shows for several years and I was starting to hate it!  But sometimes it just takes awhile for a piece to find its proper home.  The painter who bought it was a “live-your-life-out-loud” kind of gal and the necklace was perfect for her.  She put the necklace on right there, wore it throughout the show and pointed people to my booth, every time they commented on it. It makes me smile every time I think about it!

The show was the same week as the budget crisis impasse and the sales in most of the booths were down over the last year.  However there was also a silent and live auction, at which people made generous bids.  It was all for a good cause and I learned a lot by doing this show.

Click on this link for a slide show from the local news, if you’d like to see more pictures.  (My booth is not included in these slides).

I’d love to hear from you and I’m interested in suggestions for my booth.  Have a lovely weekend.

11 thoughts on “FUSION Summer Arts Festival 2011

  1. So fun to hear about your adventures at the show, sounds like you did well I’m so happy for you!! Love the story about the necklace, you’re right, sometimes it takes awhile for the forever home to show up for some pieces. That’s awesome!!

  2. Thanks for sharing… I think your booth area looks great.. for me if it is too busy or crowded with stuff I tend to stay away… I love the uncluttered look… each piece is showcased nicely and easy to see. I love your collage of some of the pieces that sold.. your stuff is always so beautiful.. I am glad the necklace found the perfect home 🙂

  3. Hi Linda,
    it sounds like you had a great day, congratulations! Your display looks lovely and I’m glad you sold some of your jewelry. Shows are so much work. I’m happy that you enjoyed yourself and learned alot too.

  4. You are right about some signage, helps people to remember your shop name, and find you later online, or at another show. The display is very nicely done, totally agree with Michelle, better to look uncluttered! So glad you had a nice experience, the other vendors can make all the difference in a good show, and it always helps to share ideas, or ask your booth neighbor’s opinion about your set-up. It is a brave move to put yourself and art out there like that, good for you!

  5. Have been meaning to ask you how the show went – am glad it went well, besides the pre show jitters. Had to laugh about the “live out loud” necklace. Have had a few of those that hung around way too long then suddenly, BAM, they sell to the perfect person! Other than some signage (which you already mentioned) I think your booth looks very clean and attractive. I, too hate a clutttered look.

  6. Linda, your booth looks perfect! I say this as a seasoned shopper, as I have never sold my jewelry in a show or craft fair. Your jewelry is displayed nicely, which woud draw me into your booth. I will agree with everyone else, if it is too cluttered & there are too many things to look at, I won’t step into the tent & look. Congrats on your sales!!! I especially love the story you shared about your live out loud necklace! It looks like you had a fun time!

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