Earrings For You and Me

New Earrings For You & Me!

For You:

I’ve recently added 3 new pairs of earrings to the Linda Landig Jewelry Studio.  The “Pink Rose Earrings” are sweet and sassy, with bright cheery colors and pink roses on a red background.  These earrings have pretty glass beads with Peridot accents (a transparent, green semi-precious stone).

Pink Rose Earrings

Pink Rose Earrings

I named the next pair of earrings “New Growth” because the oval stone, serpentine, is the color of new growth on plants in the springtime.  I topped the serpentine with a midnight blue Swarovski crystal and placed a matching colored faceted pearl on the bottom.

New Growth Earrings

New Growth Earrings

The next pair of earrings is perfect for date night or a festive occasion where you really want to go for the glam.  Can’t you just see the “Radiant Rhinestone Earrings” with your little black dress?  These earrings really sparkle!

Radiant Rhinestone Earrings

Radiant Rhinestone Earrings

For Me

I entered a giveaway on Lorei Eurto’s blog and I won a cool pair of her tin earrings from her Harbinger Collection!  She cuts the shapes from patterned tins, domes them and makes them into earrings.   These are super fun to wear and go with so many colors.  Thank you Lorelei!

Lorelei's earrings that I won!!!

Giveaway earrings from Lorelei Eurto


2 thoughts on “Earrings For You and Me

  1. I really like the colors in the new growth earrings. They’re some of my favorites but I would have never put those colors together. Beautiful.
    As far as YOUR earrings from Lorelei. . .I’m SUPER jealous!!

  2. Serpentine can be tricky to pair with other colors, but I liked it with this deep blue. It also looks pretty cool with dark purple.

    Yah, I felt so-o-o lucky to win Lorelei’s earrings!!!

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