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Frog Friend

Its time for another ♥ I Heart Macro Sunday! ♥

I was going to go sit by my husband on the front porch one day this week, when I discovered that “someone else” had already claimed that chair.  This little guy was perched on the top cross-bar of the chair back.

green frog with a black stripe

Western Chorus Frog

green frog

Pacific Northwest Chorus Frog

He (she?) sat there very patiently, while I ran into the house and got my camera.  I took macro shots from all different angles.

green frog with black stripe

Pacific Northwest Chorus Frog

We have a protected wetland area behind our house.  Having so many frogs in the area is considered a sign that the wetlands have a healthy ecosystem.  This guy is a  Northwest Chorus Frog, and believe me, these guys can really sing! On spring nights their love songs are almost deafening.

A third grade class at Boston Harbor Elementary School in Olympia, Washington successfully proposed, to the state legislature, that the Northwest chorus frog should be the state amphibian.  And so,  in 2007, the Pacific chorus frog (Pseudacris regilla) became the official state amphibian .   Now why states need official amphibians, I don’t know.  But it was a cool project for the third graders!

green frog with black stripe

Pacific Northwest Chorus Frog

After awhile the Mr. Frog grew tired of his photo shoot and started climbing down the chair.

green frog with black stripe

Pacific Northwest Chorus Frog

green frog with black stripe

Pacific Northwest Chorus Frog

Eventually he hopped onto the seat of the chair and then sprung off into the garden.

green frog with black stripe

Northwest Chorus Frog


Lori of Studio Waterstone  hosts a weekly blog hop of close-up photos.
Visit Lori to get links to more great macro shots.

studio waterstone

16 thoughts on “♥ i heart macro ♥ – Ribbit

  1. These are excellent photos! I hate all things creepy-crawly. I probably would have been too nervous to take pictures and afraid it would jump on me!
    Really nice photos though. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Fantastic shots. How sweet of him (her) to sit so patiently for you! My luck would have been to run to get my camera only to come back and have it be gone. I cant tell you how many times that has happened. You got really lucky and took some wonderful shots!

  3. Oh. . .he/she is just adorable.
    I can’t believe you were able to get photos from all sides, the frogs in my area are a bit more skittish. It’s probably because my niece tries to catch them all when she comes over. Oh well. . .

  4. What an adorable little guy! Perhaps he wants to be a famous Frog Star and that’s why he waited so patiently for you to update his portfolio for his agent! He may be a famous “singer” some day! LOL Great photos!

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