Pantone Fall Color Trends

Look Gorgeous This Fall!

Want to be in-synch with fashion trends in color this fall?  Then look to the Pantone Color Institute for guidance.  The Pantone Institute is the world’s best known authority on color. They observe top designers and forecast the colors that are certain to be popular each season. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said:

“Designers take a painterly approach to fall 2011 by artfully combining bright colors with staple neutrals, reminiscent of how an artist would construct a stunning work of art.  Much like a painter’s masterpiece, there is a certain romance to this season’s palette.”

Pantone Colors for Fall 2011

Pantone Colors for Fall 2011

As a jewelry designer, I believe that great clothes are made even greater with the right accessories.  And even older clothes can be given a seasonal facelift with updated jewelry in the hottest colors.  Here are some artisan jewelry pieces in on-trend colors from Linda Landig Jewelry.

The Monet Necklace combines several of this fall’s trending colors and the romance that Ms. Eiseman spoke of.  The necklace starts with a beautiful pendant by Yolanda’s Clay.  Combining emberglow, honeysuckle and phlox, the pendant sets the hues for the stone, crystal and glass beads in the necklace.  This one is a real beauty! It would look great with many pastel colors, but would also pair nicely with a shell in Pantone’s nougat.  This necklace would make an especially great summer-into-fall accessory.

Monet's Garden Necklace

Pastel Necklace, Ceramic Pendant, Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver

The one of a kind Weekend Escape Bracelet combines Pantone’s cedar green with a radiant burnt orange and evergreen to create a classically colored but totally unique fall bracelet.

Weekend Escape Bracelet

Ceramic Flower Bracelet, Cuff, Brass, Rust Orange, Green, Unique

Weekend Escape Bracelet

Ceramic Flower Bracelet, Cuff, Brass, Rust Orange, Green, Unique

My Grapeade Bracelet is all about Pantone’s color phlox.  This simple bracelet creates visual interest with great textures and contrasting shapes.

Grapeade Bracelet

Handcrafted Purple Bracelet, Pearls, Sterling Silver, Blue, Unique

The “Moonbeam Necklace” is a great choice for capturing some of the neutrals in this fall’s palette.  This one of a kind necklace pulls in hues of coffee liqueur, nougat and creamy white; along with the golden (similar to bamboo colored) needle-like inclusions that makes Golden Rutilated Quartz such a stand-out gemstone.  Wear this with a coffee liqueur colored top and be prepared for heads to turn!

Moonbeam Necklace

Rutilated Quartz Necklace, Lampworked Pendant, Faceted Pearls

Moonbeam Necklace

Rutilated Quartz Necklace, Lampworked Pendant, Faceted Pearls

Those are enough ideas to get you started.  Check out your closet and see what you have that will work for fall, this year, and see what may need a little updating.

What do you like or dislike about Pantone’s fall 2011 color palette? Please share your thoughts! If you’d like a more in depth look at these colors, you can read the full report at

3 thoughts on “Pantone Fall Color Trends

  1. I hadn’t seen the new colors yet! Gorgeous. I like to do this, too, a post on the jewelry in my shop that picks up the colors. I’ll have to take a look this week. Thanks!! I love your flower cuff – stunning!

  2. Ack! I don’t know what happened but am not surw if I left a comment.
    Love the escape bracelet – plus I could use an escape myself and I love these colors and their mix of hot and cold – a few of my favorites in here as well!

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