Happy Camper

Happy Camper Necklace

Dichroic Glass and 5th Grade Camp

As some of you may know, I work part-time for the University of Washington as a field supervisor for student teaching interns.  One of the student teachers I worked with this past year was teaching a 5th grade class that was earning money to attend 5th grade camp.  The school had a kiln and the classroom teacher knew how to fuse glass.  So she created an after school glass club where students could learn how to make a variety of fused glass projects, which they would then sell to defray the costs of going to camp.  When I first started visiting this class they were selling dichroic fused glass pendants.  They ran this venture as a business.  They had business cards, they tracked their inventory, and their expenses and income.  All the proceeds went to helping defray the costs of 5th grade camp.  I looked through their extensive selection of pendants and selected the one you see here.

Happy Camper Necklace

Happy Camper Necklace

I felt I was contributing to a good cause and the pendant I selected is very nice.  I decided on a contemporary, asymmetrical design.

Happy Camper Necklace

Happy Camper Necklace

The turquoise, bow tie shaped beads on the right, are vintage German glass.  The metallic black, tip drilled glass beads feel really silky in the hand (yes, I am a very tactile person).  The clasp is sterling silver and the length is adjustable.

Happy Camper Necklace

Happy Camper Necklace

I decided to name this the “Happy Camper Necklace“, since the purchase of the pendant helped send those 5th graders to camp. And believe me, they had a blast there and learned a lot about science, social studies and cooperative work.

Later in the year, the kids also made fused glass wall vases, light catchers and garden markers.  What a great way to integrate business skills, art, math, science (properties of glass), and social skills!  Way to go 5th graders!

The “Happy Camper Necklace” is now available in my ArtFire shop.


3 thoughts on “Happy Camper

  1. What a beautiful creation, Linda! And what a creative student teacher! The student not only had fun learning to fuse glass but also learned dome basics about running a small business. Kudos to her – and to you!

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