Bead Soup Blog Party – Welcome!

Bead Soup Blog Party

Welcome to the Bead Soup Blog Party!  Lori Anderson, of Pretty Things is the amazing organizer of an event that now spans five continents and 21 countries!  This is the fourth Bead Soup Blog Party that Lori has organized and the second one in which I have participated.

Here’s how it works:  Lori paired up all the participants.  We all sent our partners a special focal bead or pendant, a pretty clasp and some accompanying beads.  We could add anything to this “bead soup” that we wanted.  We all made one or more pieces of jewelry and today we are sharing what we have created!

My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner

My Bead Soup Blog Party Partner was Lori Dorrington.  Lori is a lampwork artist (handmade glass) and a jewelry designer.  She has a blog called, “Lori’s Adventures in Etsyland” and she has an online shop called, Lori’s Glassworks.  Here is a picture of the wonderful beady goodies that Lori sent me.

Beads from Lori Dorington

Bead Soup from Lori Dorington

Clockwise from the left, we have Lori’s pretty lampwork glass beads, tiger-eye beads and a clasp, some small green pearls and garnets.

My Bead Soup Necklace

I knew right away that I would make one of the lampwork beads into a pendant and that I’d like to have two strands in the front, with the other two lampwork beads serving as a transition from two strands to one strand.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Focal Bead

I purchased some little bead caps to add importance to the lampwork and I bought this cool leaf chain that I dangled from the end of the lampwork focal. The lower necklace strand is mostly garnet, with some pearl highlights and the upper strand is mostly pearls, with one cream-colored lampwork bead in the middle.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

I’ve been designing this necklace in my head for several weeks now, but last week I suddenly remembered that I had some hand dyed silk in a deep red.  I found it in my stash and it was a perfect match!
I’d never finished a necklace with textiles before, so I had to push myself into new territory–which is the exact purpose of this exercise.  I added some fine copper chain to give added strength to the ribbon in the back.  I don’t particularly like necklaces where the ribbon just ties in the back, so I finished it with copper cones and the clasp that Lori sent me.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

The transition (see above) was a little tricky for me.  At first I had larger beads where the two strands come together, beneath the lampwork, but it was too bulky and the strands jutted out awkwardly.  So I re-strung that portion of the necklace using smaller beads.

Bead Soup Blog Party Necklace

Spiced Cranberries Necklace

I named it the “Spiced Cranberries Necklace“, because the deep reds remind me of the cranberries that grow so well here in the Pacific Northwest, along the coast. And here’s a little bonus:  click on the link, if you’d like a yummy recipe for a Hot Spiced Cranberry Cider Drink.

A Giveaway

I also made some earrings with the tiger-eye beads that Lori sent me.  I placed a copper wafer and a green Czech glass bead above the tiger-eye and then I topped the earrings off with a small mookite bead.

These earrings will be given away as a “thank you” for visiting my blog during this blog hop.  All you have to do to be entered to win the earrings is to leave a comment on today’s blog post.  You must include your email address, or your link must lead to a blog or other website where is it easy for me to locate your email address.  If I cannot find your email address, I will choose someone else.  This giveaway will be open until the end of the month.  The winner will be chosen using an online random number generator.

Tiger-eye, glass copper and mookite earrings.

Bead Soup Giveaway Earrings

The Blog Hop

Here is a list of all the Bead Soup Blog Party participants.  Have fun visiting as many people as you can.  I know this list is overwhelming, so I want to thank you for visiting my own little corner of the bead blog world.  I sincerely appreciate it.

These are the partner pairs.
The Hostess with the Mostess (!), Lori Anderson and her partner, Manuela Wutschke
19. Anna Sabina­­­­ and Erin Siegel
You are here!     118. Linda Landig and Lori Dorrington
For a total of 362 people making jewelry!

73 thoughts on “Bead Soup Blog Party – Welcome!

  1. YES !!! So many of us used ribbon this time – This is fantastic Linda the colors are just gorgeous – spiced cranberries indeed!!! This is perfect for fall! XOXO have fun hopping today!

  2. Wonderful design Linda. I especially like how you incorporated the silk, gemstones and lampwork beads all in the same necklace. That can be a bit tricky sometimes but yours turned out fantastic.

  3. I am SO sorry for being late — today our internet provider decided to crash. My stress level is through the roof, to say the least! They’re still working on it, but it’s like dial-up.

    I love how you said “to give it importance” to the bead caps — I totally agree! Sometimes you need the extra touch, and it’s the extra touches. Those bead cones at the ends of the silk REALLY make the necklace extra special. This is a truly elegant, gorgeous piece. I hope you participate again!

    Love, Lori

  4. That is absolutely to die for. I love the colors and that ribbon/silk just really sets it off. It’s gorgeous. And thanks for the chance to win those cute earrings.

  5. Your necklace turned out absolutely lovely! The cranberry tones are magnificent, and I really adore the little leaves dangling from the main focal point. The design is very befitting of fall. ♥

  6. The ribbon really adds a “wow” to this necklace–what an amazing stash find! Such a great use of color and I love the added touch of the leafy chain to the focal. The perfect finishing touch!

  7. I love the colours in your necklace and the name is perfect! The ribbon certainly adds pop and the cones look wonderful on it. The lamp work beads are so rich…perfect for the palette. beautiful job.

  8. Linda ~
    This is so beautiful! Very rich, full of color and texture. Love the way you did the focal w/the leaf chain and the ribbon really does add that extra punch to it all. I would wear this necklace everywhere!! I love it! it’s one of my favorites!!

  9. That is amazing that you just happened to have that ombre silk ribbon on hand. It looks like you scoured the earth for the perfect match for those beads. I love the leaf chain dangle–I’ve seen that chain in stores and wondered how to use it. Beautiful colors and design.

  10. OMGoodness…your soup is DELICIOUS my Friend!!! I adore your design, it’s truly stunning! Well done, another AMAZING cup of BEAD SOUP from a very talented designer!!! 😉

  11. Hello my wonderful partner! You have created a terrific piece of wearable art with your beads. I like your use of color and texture and the silk ribbon is fabulous. Fall is my favorite season and you have captured the season perfectly with this design. Thank you for sharing this fun artistic experience with me. Cheers!

  12. Very pretty. I don’t mind necklaces that just tie in the back, if it’s a very simple necklace to begin with. Your necklace, not simple, so it really was screaming for those extra special caps. Great job!

  13. Major confession time: not really a fan of sari ribbon in jewellery design. I rarely see a piece where the ribbon actually looks like it belongs there. Your necklace is one of those rare examples of using a ribbon that looks so perfect. And the rest of it is equally wonderful. Just amazing.

  14. Girl, you have outdone yourself this time! I love those colors and Lori’s lampwork beads and I love the textile accent and the leaves. Perfect name also! Great job! I’ve been wandering all over this Bead Soup Blog Party and have seen some fabulous creations! What fun!

  15. Ok, easy for me to love this piece, since these are some of my favorite colors. I am just blown away with your design. I appreciate you going thru the process, with what didn’t work. I’ve never used ribbon, but I love it in designs, and you really hit the perfect color with this. I also like that you reinforced it with some chain. Truly a beautiful piece!
    And those earrings are great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I am so sorry for being so late my computer was resisting too labor intensive:^)Very nice designs. And there is still time to sign up for the give-away, Just go to Sept.16th blog and leave a comment
    Be blessed to be a blessing

  17. Your design with the beads soup mix is stunning! The color scheme so very pleasing to the eye! I’m so loving the mix of silk withe the beading and you did it oh so well. This was just Soup-er!

  18. Wow, Linda! This is just beautiful. I loved how you used the leaf chain and loved the way you used those awesome beads. All of it… loved it all. Also that wire wrapping on the earrings is the neatest, cleanest I’ve ever seen. I’d love to see how you do it! Great job!

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  20. Lovely! The ribbon is a great touch (and it’s something I’m intimidated to use – maybe in the next BSBH I’ll have a chance!), and the leafy chain underneath the focal is very cute. Great job!

  21. Pingback: ♥ i heart macro ♥ – Grasshopper | Linda's Bead Blog & Meanderings

  22. Linda,
    This is such a warm and yummy necklace! I like that you went out of your comfort zone and added the ribbon. It worked out beautifully. As well, the colors are so interesting together. I would have never considered them, and they work out so well. All in all. . .GREAT job!

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  24. Love the rich texture, the glowing reds and muted greens in this piece. You have me rethinking the use of fiber. Like you, I haven’t incorporated it into my work yet, but this necklace has tempted me to reconsider…just a beautiful, perfectly crafted necklace.

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