Color Palette Blog Walk

The Color of Joy

Brandi Hussey, author of the Brandi Girl blog, designs jewelry, takes amazing photos, dispenses advise for online businesses and creates inspiring color palettes.

Color Palette Blog Walk

Brandi’s is hosting her third Color Palette Blog Walk today, but this is my first time participating.  Color is what makes my heart sing when I design jewelry, so I was ready to hop on board for Brandi’s Round 3.  Each participant was to choose photos of whatever brings them joy and then to make color palettes to go with it.

This is Riley, my grandson.  He has a smile that melts my heart.  Such a joy!

my grandson

Flowers are tremendous source of joy and inspiration for me.  If you’ve followed my blog, then you’ll know that I often post floral arrangements that I’ve designed, or pictures of the orchids I raise.  Here is one of my favorite orchids.

yellow and pink orchid

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I was born on the first day of fall and the rich colors just reverberate with something deep in my soul.

wooden park bench with leaves scattered around it.

And this will be of no great surprise to you:  Designing jewelry brings me a great deal of  joy!

Floral ceramic cuff bracelet.

Blog Walk

Check out the other wonderful Color Palette Blog Walk participants and find out what brings them joy!

Francesca at Francesca Watson Designs
Lori at Pretty Things
Marsha at Marsha Neal Studio Blog
Cindy at Sweet Bead Studio
Kerry at Kab’s Concepts
Cynthia at Ornamental Style
Linda at Linda’s Bead Blog & Meanderings
Emily at Good Things*
Erin at Treasures Found
Jenni at Jenni’s Beads
Shari at Exploring the Wonders of Life
Brandi at Brandi Girl Blog


11 thoughts on “Color Palette Blog Walk

  1. Your grandson is a cutie! Love all your palettes, the last two with their Autumnal shades are beautiful. Like the effect in the boxes, too…..I am still learning about all these wonderful effects.

  2. Linda – I love all of your photos & color palettes that bring you joy! I love that shot of the bench with the green algae/mold and all the fall leafs. I would have taken that shot too & if my husband were with me, he would have just shaken his head and said – why do you need a picture of a bench? Lol… I think you’ve got a great eye! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. All so lovely! That babe is adorable. The beautiful orchid just takes my breath away. Fall is my favorite time of the year and I think you share a birthday with my best friend (Sept 21?) and that jewelry is so earthy and lush. All great joy-filled things!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Oh, Linda, these are incredible palettes! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

    Isn’t it funny how so many of us have children as a source of joy? There’s something amazing when a child comes into our lives, don’t you think? Becoming an auntie, even though I really had no control over that, made me better, I think. And I know my mom revels in being a grandma! There’s nothing like the smile she gets on her face when she sees her grandbabies – I bet you have the same smile!

    I have to say, though, it’s a toss up between the stunning orchid palette (how are those colors natural? They are SO pretty) and the stunning bracelet palette which is my favorite. Both call to me, and I think it’s the pop of purple on the first and orange on the second that really catch my eye.

    Thanks for participating!!

  5. Linda, I enjoyed your collection of photos and color palettes today! I especially love the one of your sweet little Grandson.
    Congrats, btw, on winning the kit over on Lori’s blog recently – what a nice surprise!

  6. Linda, what wonderful color palettes! So interesting to me as I have been fascinated with color palettes all week, working on my blog and thinking of making changes. I really like all the palettes but the one for the bench is my favorite. Riley is a doll, BTW. I know how grandboys can wrap themselves up in your heart. Thanks for sharing this. I am going to visit everyone’s color blog!

  7. The orchid — my dad had a greenhouse when I was growing up and had 200 orchids of all different types and they were amazing! And that bench is amazing! I also like how you got that texture on the last color palette — I need to figure out how to do that.

    Awesome job!

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