Tuesday Tour

A New Regular Feature

From now, at least until Christmas, I’m adding a new regular feature called Tuesday Tour.  Each Tuesday I’m going to take you on a tour of some of my favorite Art Fire shops.  I’ll feature some special items from those shops, with the hope that you’ll find some great handmade gifts or something sweet for yourself.   When you purchase handmade, your dollars are not just going to some big corporation, but to a real, live artisan who is investing their heart and talent in the item you are giving as a gift.  What better way to let your loved one know how special they are than to give them something unique and handcrafted?

Dragon Designs makes purses, totes, knitting needle bags and accessories.  I’m hoping for a kindle cover this Christmas and Dragon Designs has lots of great options.  There are quite a few that I like. Here’s just one example.

cloth handmade kindle cover

Dragon Designs Kindle cover

I love the bright clean graphics in the Artis shop.  The have fun business card holders, name plates and coaster sets.

modern graphic coaster set

Artis Coasters

Last of all I’d like to feature my friend Janet, of Pink Poppy Studio.  Janet designs beautiful jewelry with artisan components and gemstones.  It’s hard to choose just one of her pieces, but here is one of my favorites.

handmade ginko necklace

Ceramic Ginkgo Necklace

You can also find great handmade Christmas gifts at Linda Landig Jewelry.  Please visit my shop for handmade jewelry with an artisan flair.

Let me know what you think about this new feature.  Tell me if there a certain kinds of handmade items that you are particularly interested in seeing.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour

  1. Linda, what an awesome idea! I LOVE Tuesday Tour! I love when others share some of their favorite finds, it helps to make holiday shopping easy for all of us. I am so honored to be one of your “stops” on your first tour. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your other finds in the coming weeks!

  2. Linda, you are so creative. Your Tuesday Tour is truly wonderful!
    Janet’s ceramic ginkgo pendant is so beautiful – great photography, too!
    Thanks for reminding everyone to buy from artisans.

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