Chinook Jewelry Design Partner

I have been very fortunate, this month, to be able to collaborate with Mellisa Essenburg of Chinook Jewelry.  I was given one of her beautifully patterned ceramic buttons to create this necklace, which I titled “Turquoise Tide“.

Handmade necklace by Linda Landig,with turquoise ceramic pendant

Turquoise Tide Necklace

I love ceramic where the glaze pools in darker colors in the recessed portions, while the raised portions remain white!  When I saw that the button that Mellisa had sent me was just this way, I thought:  “YES!”, (fist pump!).

I looped a piece of gold sari silk through the holes in the button, for a soft and pretty accent.  Then I added a ring of glass seed beads to suspend the button-pendant from the necklace.

Handmade necklace by Linda Landig,with turquoise ceramic pendant

Turquoise Tide Necklace

The round faceted beads are amazonite (a semi-precious stone). The little gold spacer beads with the rounded edges are vintage German glass.  The gold colored stones near the chain are agates that have been accented by lacy looking antiqued bronze bead caps.

Turquoise Tide Necklace


The uniquely shaped turquoise, tear drop shaped beads are from Wynnwoods Gallery in Port Townsend, WA.   Port Townsend, a beautiful Victorian seaport town, is my favorite place in the state of Washington.  And a big bonus is that there is a truly awesome bead store there, where I can always find the most unique and wonderful beads!

Turquoise Tide Necklace

Turquoise Tide Necklace

The back of the necklace is finished in antiqued bronze chain, which fastens with a hook and eye clasp on the side, near an agate.

Turquoise Tide” is now available at Linda Landig Jewelry.

Handmade  Necklace of ceramic, amazonite, gold agate, vintage glass, glass and brass.

Turquoise Tide Necklace

Four talented designers were chosen to work with ceramics from Chinook Jewelry this month.  Please check out their blogs, too, to see more jewelry that features ceramics from Chinook Jewelry:

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I Heart Macro – Pussy Willows

Its time for another ♥ I Heart Macro Sunday! ♥


We had a huge storm here about a month ago.  Branches and trees blew down all over the city.  We live near a wetland area, where pussy willows grow large; happy to have their feet wet all the time.  Pussy willow branches broke off in the storm and littered the sides of our little country road.

6 pussy willow buds

Pussy willows at dawn

I discovered that even when pussy willows have been snapped off from the tree and even when they’ve laid on the ground for 2 or 3 weeks, the downed branches still have enough  life in them to put forth pussy willows and continue  the cycle of life.

 close up of 2 emerging pussywillow catkins

Pussy willow catkins

There is a lesson here for me.  Although at times I may feel broken by life’s storms; although I feel that pieces of me lay scattered on the ground; there is still life within me. I can summon that life to grow anew.  I can go on.

blooming pussy willows

Pussy willows with pollen

4 pussy willows with pollen

Pussy willows with pollen


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studio waterstone

New Jewelry Studio

My husband got the idea that if we moved our furniture around a bit, I could have a room all to myself for my jewelry work and an office.  So we moved his stuff out of the future bead room.

Moving the printer out of the new bead room

Moving the printer out of the new bead room.

Then we moved my things into the room, including the drawers from my antique Hamilton printers cabinet.

drawers from my antique Hamilton printers cabinet

Drawers from my antique Hamilton printers cabinet.

Our dog, Chochi, supervised the move.

New studio


The walls were a dull, light brown, so I decided they needed a fresh, light color that would make me feel cheery and peaceful.  I scooted the furniture to the middle of the room, out in the hallway and into the master bedroom.  Then I painted two of the walls a light turquoise blue.

painting the walls

It is hard to photograph yourself painting!

The next day my friend, who loves to paint rooms, came over and we finished the other two walls.

painting my studio walls.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Now I am slowly bringing my furniture back into the studio from the bedroom and hall.  I’m organizing everything as I put it away.  On one side of the room I have my bead table and it is pretty well organized now.  The other side has my computer desk and some book shelves.  That side still needs working on.  But I think I’m far enough along to share some pictures with you.

Here’s my work table.  The “parking” sign was a gift from my husband for Christmas!

All the art on the walls was done by family members or friends.  It fills me with joy to be surrounded by their creativity.  I haven’t hung everything yet.  There are more photos by my husband, screen prints by my daughter and paintings by my brother. The painting on the right is by Angela Pierce.

The wooden boxes on the right are from IKEA.  I plan to paint them white (furniture and storage painting is phase two of this project).  I also plan to paint my bead table white.

My jewelry work table.

My jewelry work table.

As you can see, I have labeled all the drawers.  Can’t live without my label machine!  The handmade vase above the boxes is filled with pussy willows and was a gift from the friend who helped me with the painting.

Wooden boxes from IKEA

Wooden boxes from IKEA

The white shelves on my work table are actually shoe shelves from Fred Meyers (I think that is just an west coast store).  They assemble easily and I use them all over the place.  You’ll see them in my closet, as well.

Shelving on the work table.

Shelving on the work table.

The closet holds some of my other crafty interests:  paper crafts, basketry, silk painting (dyeing) supplies.  I used the shoe shelves to extend the storage on the shelf above the clothes railing.  Two of my hand dyed silks are hanging to the right in the closet.  If I have space, I’d like to hang them up on the studio walls.

The closet in my new studio.

The closet in my new studio.

My beloved Hamilton printers cabinet is to the left of my work table.  I store all my art beads, pearls, gemstones, seed beads and crystals here. The painting above the cabinet is by Susan England.  It is from our favorite get-away in Costa Rica.  One of my silks hangs to the right of the cabinet and I wove the basket that sits on the floor.

My Hamilton printers cabinet.

My Hamilton printers cabinet.

The last picture I’m going to share is the light box where I photograph my jewelry for posting in my online shop.  This light box is just the greatest thing!  I can now take pictures in all light conditions!

My desk and computer area are still a mess.  I’ll share pictures of that side of the studio when I’ve got it all organized and clean.

New studio

Photo light box.

I hope you enjoyed this little studio tour.  I welcome your comments, suggestions or questions!

I heart macro – Primroses

Primrose Love

Its time for another ♥ I Heart Macro Sunday! ♥

My husband gave me a basket of primroses for Valentines Day.  He knows how much I love them.  They always give me hope that spring is around the corner and they help me get through the long, gray days of February.






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Bead Table Wednesday: Bead Soup Goodies

BTW: Bead Soup Goodies

I am thrilled to be participating in Lori Anderson’s Bead Soup Blog Party for the third time. Lori pairs up the participants and we swap beads. In “beader-talk”, bead soup is a mixture of different beads.  The bead soup we sent to our partner had to include:

~ A focal (pendant, fancy bead, center of attention)
~ Some coordinating spacers or beads
~ A special clasp (not just a lobster claw)

The challenge then is design something(s) using the beads you were given.

We’ll photograph our creations and we’ll all post the results on March 3rd.  This year’s group will include 200 participants.

Here’s the necklace I created for my first Bead Soup Blog Party.

Blue Iris Necklace Linda Landig

Blue Iris Necklace

This year I was lucky enough to be partnered with Karen Hess, a beader who is a retired teacher like me.   I encourage you to check out her shop and her blog, Monday Musings.  She is a wonderful designer and I’m glad to get to know her a bit through this partnership.

Karen sent me a delightful bead soup, that arrived beautifully packaged.  Each of these little plastic containers has a gorgeous handmade lid decoration – and no two are alike!  I love it that even after our blog hop is all over, I’ll be able to reuse these lovely containers and they will always make me think of Karen.

beads in containers, from my partnerOpening up those containers reveals this gorgeous bead soup!

Black and white beads from my partnerHere’s a close up of the unusual and fun heart pendant.

Bead Soup Blog PartySome of my favorite beads in the soup:

black and white beads from my BSBP partnerAnd here’s the frosting on the cake!  In this pretty envelope was a postcard of the old Olympia Brewery.

When I was a kid, this was the biggest brewery in the state.  It is now defunct and the buildings sit mostly empty.  The brewery is located in a beautiful park-like setting on the Deschutes river.  When I was a kid, my family would drive there from Seattle on special occasions.  I remember rolling sideways down the grassy hills, watching the salmon climb the fish ladders on the Deschutes river and then concluding the day with dinner at the  Falls Terrace Restaurant.   The restaurant and the park are still lovely. I now live only 20 minutes away from the old brewery.  We celebrated my father’s 80th birthday there, 6 years ago.  I wonder how Karen got this postcard?  Check out the groovy bell bottoms on the couple in the picture!

So now it is time for me to get to work/play!  I’ve got a few ideas rolling around in my head, but I’m not yet sure where they will lead me.  Come back on March 3rd to find out!

My 2nd Bead Soup Blog Party design:

Lampwork and garnet necklaceP.S.  This is my 200th blog post!


Visit the BTW Flickr group and see what others have on their  bead tables.

link to BTW Flickr group

I heart macro – Snow

If you’re looking for the blog hop, it’s here: Copper Components Blog Hop


Its time for another ♥ I Heart Macro Sunday! ♥

The big snow storm that hit us in late January has affectionately been dubbed Snowmageddon in the press!  First we had 11 inches of snow in 24 hours, then we had freezing rain, which coated everything with a heavy layer of ice.

snow in treeThe ice was followed by a windstorm with gusts up to 60 mph.  Whole trees snapped under the weight of the ice and the force of the wind.

snow in treeThe ornamental cherry trees that line our long driveway were severely damaged.  A tree toppled down at the end of our road and landed on the overhead electrical wires.

downed tree in the roadWe were without electricity for 3 and a half days—brrr!  We live in a rural area and are on well water, which is pumped to the house via an electric pump, thus we were without, heat, light, telephone, running water or flushing toilets for those 3 and a half days.  We were entirely snowed in for the first two days, so we couldn’t even drive to a warm restaurant for food.

snow in treesThe stuff in our freezer was melting, so my husband gathered up the thawing chicken, and made barbecued chicken soup!  Not many people can claim to have eaten barbecued soup!  He also made barbecued hot tea for us.  I took these pictures when the snow had just started.  My husband took the picture of the downed tree (admittedly not a macro shot), that zapped our electricity.

dog paw prints in the snow

Chochi has been here.

snow on a spent flower head


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Copper Component Blog Hop ~ Welcome!

Copper Component Blog Hop

The Challenge

My friend, Kristi Bowman,  makes the most wonderful copper components with copper metal clay.  If you follow my blog, you’ve seen several of the earrings I’ve made with her copper connectors and charms.

Recently, she started making larger curved pieces to be used as bracelet focals.  Today she is the hostess for the much anticipated Copper Component Blog Hop.  Each participant purchased a bracelet focal from Kristi’s shop, Kristi Bowman Design.

We each set to work, designing bracelets.  Today we get to see what everyone created.  I can’t wait to visit all the blogs!  (see list below)

My Bracelet

I purchased a copper ammonite focal and had a blast choosing beads to go with it.

copper wired bead bracelet

Ammonite Bracelet

I don’t often make jewelry that is all wired and not strung, but that was what this focal seemed to call for.   I’d also set a goal for myself  to do more jewelry in this style.

I wired a wonderful Out West lampwork (handmade) glass bead next to Kristi’s copper focal.

lampwork bead by Out West

Lampwork bead by Out West

Then I wired ceramic beads all around and a couple of cool turquoise teardrop shaped beads from Wynwoods Bead Gallery.  I added serpentine, pressed glass and copper bead dangles.  The bracelet closes with a copper lobster claw clasp on one side of the focal.

copper and ceramic bracelet, handmade by Linda Landig Jewelry

Rustic Ammonite Bracelet

My Earrings

As I was working on the bracelet, I remembered that I had previously purchased copper ammonite connectors from Kristi.  So I made some coordinating earrings for my bracelet!

copper earrings with serpentine and copper dangles

Copper Ammonite Earrings

handmade copper earrings with serpentine and glass dangles

Copper Ammonite Earrings

The “Copper Ammonite Bracelet” and the “Copper Ammonite Earrings” are both available in my shop, Linda Landig Jewelry.

Please show Kristi some cyber love.  Visit her blog and her shop to see all the finished jewelry and copper components this talented lady designs.

bracelet and earrings with handmade copper components

Ammonite Bracelet & Earrings

The Blog Hop

Here is a list of the other blog hop participants.  Its fun to see how each person interpreted the same copper focals to design bracelets that express their own unique visions.  Enjoy!

Linda Landig   YOU ARE HERE!