I heart macro – Snow

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Its time for another ♥ I Heart Macro Sunday! ♥

The big snow storm that hit us in late January has affectionately been dubbed Snowmageddon in the press!  First we had 11 inches of snow in 24 hours, then we had freezing rain, which coated everything with a heavy layer of ice.

snow in treeThe ice was followed by a windstorm with gusts up to 60 mph.  Whole trees snapped under the weight of the ice and the force of the wind.

snow in treeThe ornamental cherry trees that line our long driveway were severely damaged.  A tree toppled down at the end of our road and landed on the overhead electrical wires.

downed tree in the roadWe were without electricity for 3 and a half days—brrr!  We live in a rural area and are on well water, which is pumped to the house via an electric pump, thus we were without, heat, light, telephone, running water or flushing toilets for those 3 and a half days.  We were entirely snowed in for the first two days, so we couldn’t even drive to a warm restaurant for food.

snow in treesThe stuff in our freezer was melting, so my husband gathered up the thawing chicken, and made barbecued chicken soup!  Not many people can claim to have eaten barbecued soup!  He also made barbecued hot tea for us.  I took these pictures when the snow had just started.  My husband took the picture of the downed tree (admittedly not a macro shot), that zapped our electricity.

dog paw prints in the snow

Chochi has been here.

snow on a spent flower head


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4 thoughts on “I heart macro – Snow

  1. OH my Linda!! I was one of the lucky ones, we lost power several days in a row but it was only for 2-3 hours at a time and my wonderful Hubby installed a generator not long after we moved in. So I was so spoiled, I was able (was forced actually) to stay home but I had all the comforts of home while I was there. Still happy things are back to normal and that adventure is over. Hopefully our only snow event of the season?!?!?

  2. Wow! I wouldn’t know how to survive in that kind of weather, but the pictures are lovely. I’m sure I’ll appreciate pictures like these when I’m sweltering in the summer!

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