New Jewelry Studio

My husband got the idea that if we moved our furniture around a bit, I could have a room all to myself for my jewelry work and an office.  So we moved his stuff out of the future bead room.

Moving the printer out of the new bead room

Moving the printer out of the new bead room.

Then we moved my things into the room, including the drawers from my antique Hamilton printers cabinet.

drawers from my antique Hamilton printers cabinet

Drawers from my antique Hamilton printers cabinet.

Our dog, Chochi, supervised the move.

New studio


The walls were a dull, light brown, so I decided they needed a fresh, light color that would make me feel cheery and peaceful.  I scooted the furniture to the middle of the room, out in the hallway and into the master bedroom.  Then I painted two of the walls a light turquoise blue.

painting the walls

It is hard to photograph yourself painting!

The next day my friend, who loves to paint rooms, came over and we finished the other two walls.

painting my studio walls.

I get by with a little help from my friends.

Now I am slowly bringing my furniture back into the studio from the bedroom and hall.  I’m organizing everything as I put it away.  On one side of the room I have my bead table and it is pretty well organized now.  The other side has my computer desk and some book shelves.  That side still needs working on.  But I think I’m far enough along to share some pictures with you.

Here’s my work table.  The “parking” sign was a gift from my husband for Christmas!

All the art on the walls was done by family members or friends.  It fills me with joy to be surrounded by their creativity.  I haven’t hung everything yet.  There are more photos by my husband, screen prints by my daughter and paintings by my brother. The painting on the right is by Angela Pierce.

The wooden boxes on the right are from IKEA.  I plan to paint them white (furniture and storage painting is phase two of this project).  I also plan to paint my bead table white.

My jewelry work table.

My jewelry work table.

As you can see, I have labeled all the drawers.  Can’t live without my label machine!  The handmade vase above the boxes is filled with pussy willows and was a gift from the friend who helped me with the painting.

Wooden boxes from IKEA

Wooden boxes from IKEA

The white shelves on my work table are actually shoe shelves from Fred Meyers (I think that is just an west coast store).  They assemble easily and I use them all over the place.  You’ll see them in my closet, as well.

Shelving on the work table.

Shelving on the work table.

The closet holds some of my other crafty interests:  paper crafts, basketry, silk painting (dyeing) supplies.  I used the shoe shelves to extend the storage on the shelf above the clothes railing.  Two of my hand dyed silks are hanging to the right in the closet.  If I have space, I’d like to hang them up on the studio walls.

The closet in my new studio.

The closet in my new studio.

My beloved Hamilton printers cabinet is to the left of my work table.  I store all my art beads, pearls, gemstones, seed beads and crystals here. The painting above the cabinet is by Susan England.  It is from our favorite get-away in Costa Rica.  One of my silks hangs to the right of the cabinet and I wove the basket that sits on the floor.

My Hamilton printers cabinet.

My Hamilton printers cabinet.

The last picture I’m going to share is the light box where I photograph my jewelry for posting in my online shop.  This light box is just the greatest thing!  I can now take pictures in all light conditions!

My desk and computer area are still a mess.  I’ll share pictures of that side of the studio when I’ve got it all organized and clean.

New studio

Photo light box.

I hope you enjoyed this little studio tour.  I welcome your comments, suggestions or questions!


45 thoughts on “New Jewelry Studio

  1. I covet your printers cabinet, and I need to get that print of Angela’s too. Wanna come organize my space??? Maybe when new house becomes a reality? I’m hopeless and you are so tidy.

    • I’m not much of an organizer–what I do is really an attempt to compensate for my inherently cluttered work style. But I’d grab any chance to spend some time with you, even if meant having to organize stuff!

  2. I loved reading this because I’m always interested in how people organize their spaces. My daughter says I like organizing my beads better than using them. It’s almost true! So my question to you is this: What’s the difference between what’s in the Ikea drawers and what’s in your printer cabinet? How do you decide what goes where? Just curious! Thanks.

    • Sally- My IKEA drawers store what I think of as my work horse beads – mostly pressed glass, wood and some simple round gemstones. My “special” components go in the printers cabinet. That includes anything that might be used as a focal piece, anything that is handmade and fancy cuts of gemstones, such as briolettes or keshi pearls.

  3. WOW!!! What an undertaking! Isn’t it fun? You’ll just love your new space, and I love that your decorating it with art that is meaningful to you. I’m jealous in that you have a space dedicated to your projects and ‘puter. I have my computer in the TV room, so share with Tim when he’s watching a Netflix documentary [if I’m not watching with him], and share my studio with multiple beds that serve as a guest house when visitors stay the night. That’s OK, though.
    I am very interested in your light box. I downloaded some directions for making one, but yours looks . . . easy. Did you buy it somewhere?
    Anyway, great job! Thanks for the tour. Love your blog.

  4. Oh Linda, What a lucky break!!
    I’m sure you are already enjoying your own, special creative space. It’s lovely. . . and so very organized!! I can’t wait to see what comes out of it.

  5. How wonderful that your husband gave up some of his space so you old have a whole room…what bliss! Love your cabinet and sign. The idea drawers are great too…might look in to that! You look very organized, Linda…and what a lovely friend to help you paint!

  6. Loving the printers cabinet. I need something like that. My desk and storage cabinet is out in my in-laws shed. I have stacks of bead boxes all over the house and our room. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your studio.

  7. Congrats, Linda! It looks so great! Fresh paint and great furniture too!

    I managed to rearrange things with my husband last year so I could have a room to myself too. It’s wonderful, but I find it difficult to keep everything tidy in my tiny little space. I basically run 2 businesses in what used to be the smallest bedroom. I create my jewelry, store all my supplies and packing materials, and some days barely leave this little room. Others seldom come in because it can be a tripping hazard and there’s not much room to turn around–ha! I keep working on it though…and I’m really grateful to have my own space. I’m now trying to strike a bargain so I get the dining room. No one ever goes in there anyway and it’s full of natural light! 🙂 Well, I can dream!…

    Best wishes and enjoy your new space!

  8. Hi Stephanie! Glad to “hear” your voice. Thanks for coming out of lurkdom. You’ll be so happy when your studio is done. It will give you so much joy every time you enter your special place!

  9. Oh my but this is such a lovely space to work in with so many sweet memories of how it came to be. Your printers cabinet is definitely a thing of my envy. It is really wonderful and I can see so many ways that I might use one. Gorgeous! I’m off now to check out Ikea drawers because they may be just the thing to solve a little storage problem I have. I love Ikea! Thanks so much for sharing your studio.

  10. Hi Linda!
    I just found your blog while searching for a printers cabinet! They are so hard to find but I managed to find one in PA! I live in Northern Michigan so it was a challenge to say the least to find a freight company that was coming this far north! It has not arrived as of today but I am soooo excited !!!
    You have inspired me to get organized! I love reading all your blogs and you are so talented! Love your jewelry and I loved looking inside your work room, some day when I’m organized I will take pictures, I hope it will be in this century! 🙂

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