Bead Table Wednesday: Right Angle Weave Bracelet

Last night I started a right angle weave bracelet.  Right angle weave is commonly abbreviated as simply RAW.  Many people think that RAW is very difficult.  I actually find it quite relaxing, when using larger beads, like these 6 mm fire polish glass beads.

right angle weave bracelet
Cookie tray with woven bracelet, extra beads, fire line and clippers.

I love how this is turning out!  The colors give it a sort of tough and feminine look.  I’ll finish it with a peyote weave loop on one side, using the pink seed beads.  On the other side I’ll add a lovely glass button.  I may do a little picot edging along the sides, but I haven’t decided yet.

Bead Table Wednesday
Right angle weave bracelet


Visit the BTW Flickr group and see what others have on their  bead tables.

link to BTW Flickr group

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4 thoughts on “Bead Table Wednesday: Right Angle Weave Bracelet

  1. I love your color choices Linda, this is going to be gorgeous!
    On a completely separate note- the cookie sheet is BRILLIANT. I have never thought to use anything to mobilize my work in progress and get frustrated when I have to pack everything up just to pull it back out later. After seeing your post, I found an old one that I could use today. Thank you for such a great idea!

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